Yesterday, presidential tease Donald Trump (R-Birtherville) released what he said was his birth certificate "exclusively to Newsmax." Unfortunately for him, it wasn't a state-issued document. Instead, it was a "certificate of birth" from Jamaica Hospital in Queens, N.Y., where Trump was born. So, he released the official city-issued document today.  

What a relief! We now have further proof Trump was born in New York City to Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Trump on June 14, 1946. Color me bored — and annoyed.

This is all part of Trump's ceaseless publicity maw. He says he's thinking about running for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party. A party where 51 percent of likely primary voters believe President Obama wasn't even born in the United States, despite endless evidence to the contrary. I'll leave it to others to offer theories for why this is. Anyway, as a result, there's no better way to stand out in in a crowded field than to question Obama's citizenship.

I'm with Noah Kristula-Green of FrumForum on the birther issue. He says in order "to separate the sane from the cynical and crazy," the first question of the first Republican presidential debate should be, “Raise your hand if you have any doubts that President Obama was born in the United States.” Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty answered correctly on "Morning Joe" today. Even Sarah Palin, who keeps hinting but won’t ultimately run (wanna make a bet?), got this one right.

By doing this, "you clear the air so that the issue is dealt with and everyone can move on to serious questions," as Kristula-Green said today. Unfortunately, the GOP is saddled with folks who will remain as unserious as they can for as long as it takes to snag the nomination.