Herman Cain goes home today to face his wife for the first time since Ginger White alleged that she had a 13-year-long friends-with-benefits relationship with the former front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. Now, given all of the negative and sometimes mean things I’ve written and said about Herman Cain, I wouldn’t blame him for ignoring what I’m about to say. But . . . if there’s a plate or pot of hot grits on the table or the stove — RUN — and fast!

Gloria Cain would be well within her right to lash out at her husband of 43 years. Not two weeks after she defended him against allegations of sexual harassment she now must contend with the cold, hard truth that Mr. Cain might not have been entirely truthful with her. When a spouse strays, it’s awful for all involved when the secret comes to light. When that spouse is a candidate for president of the United States, the pain of the secret’s revelation is shared with the world. It’s a global humiliation that takes years to overcome, if ever.

The best thing for Cain to have done after he said he was reassessing his “campaign” was to go home immediately to Mrs. Cain. Instead, he made his uncomfortable situation worse by talking to anyone who would listen. Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. The New Hampshire Union Leader on Thursday.

Last night on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” anchor Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed White, the woman at the center of the storm. The uncomfortable questions he asked and her embarrassing responses made for riveting television that was painful to watch. White’s visible exhale at the end of the interview says all you need to know about the hell she and almost assuredly Mrs. Cain are going through.

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Before the commercial break, you asked me, you know, what would I say to Ms. Cain, and you are the first person that’s asked that question, so it really took me aback, because I am not a cold-hearted person. I’m a mother of two kids. And of course, my heart bleeds for this woman because I am a woman and being in a situation like this cannot be fun. And I am deeply, deeply sorry if I have caused any hurt to her and to his kids, to his family. That was not my intention. I never wanted to hurt anyone. And I’m deeply sorry. I’m very sorry.

In typical Cain “yes/no”speak, when asked by the Union Leader editorial board if he would drop out if Mrs. Cain asked him to he said, “Yes. But my wife wouldn’t ask me to get out. She wouldn’t ask me to get out. I would make a decision based upon how all of this stuff is affecting her. Because I will put her first. But she is not the type to say: you ought to get out.” If ever there was a time to “put her first,” to say how deeply sorry he is, now is it.

Enough with the yammering interviews and other horrendous attempts to salvage your out-of-gas “campaign,” Mr. Cain. Put Gloria first and RUN! — fast — out of this race.