We’ll have blog posts and columns coming shortly. But here are some immediate reations from our writers on Twitter:

Harold Meyerson @HaroldMeyerson

Notwithstanding all of Romney’s dubious points, he won the night. Entirely on performance, not substance, but in debates, performance counts

Jonathan Capehart @CapehartJ

Romney did what he needed to do in the debate. POTUS was good but not at his best. #Debates

James Downie @jamescdownie

Nothing big happened = Obama won. Doesn’t really matter - Romney’s not coming back anyways #debates.

Charles Lane @ChuckLane1

If affect, delivery and performance are all that matter, Romney unexpectedly romped tonite. Substance, I’ll leave to fact checkers.

Marc Thiessen @marcthiessen

Just amazed that Obama did not mention 47 percent. He’s in a real fight now. Momentum has shifted.

Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger

Anyone think Rick Perry would have done as well? #debates