George Zimmerman’s attorney didn’t want the damaging statement of “Witness 9” released. With good reason. From when he was 8 years old until he was 18, the killer of Trayvon Martin allegedly molested a female relative two years younger than he. It’s a gasp-worthy revelation in an ongoing story filled with them. But it’s totally irrelevant to the second-degree murder charge Zimmerman faces.

Last week, I took umbrage with readers who insist on using Trayvon’s past to justify Zimmerman’s shooting him. Much of the information they rely on is false, especially the fake photos. Some of it is true, such as the suspensions from school and the pot use. And yet none of it was relevant as Zimmerman didn’t know anything about Trayvon when he shot him on Feb. 26.

The same standard applies to molestation allegations against Zimmerman.

My heart goes out to “Witness 9.” She suffered abuse that she says traumatized her, and she suffered in silence. It wasn’t until 2005 that she said she told her sister. Zimmerman was later confronted at a pizzeria in Florida. He apologized and left. These allegations brand Zimmerman a predator and a creep. But they aren’t relevant to Zimmerman’s current predicament.  

Here’s what is relevant: his 2005 arrest for “resisting officer with violence”; the restraining order his ex-fiance filed against him citing domestic violence; and Zimmerman’s 46 calls to police over the last eight years reporting what he saw as suspicious activity involving black males.

“Witness 9” did tell authorities one thing that might be relevant. She said that Zimmerman and his family said disparaging things about African Americans. She said the Zimmermans “only like black people if they act like white people.” George Zimmerman’s mindset about blacks on the night of Feb. 26 is more pertinent in this case than his alleged abuse. But even that ultimately doesn’t matter. As Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Trayvon’s parents, told CNN on Friday, “None of that matters to why this armed watchman with a 9 mm gun got out of his car and chased an unarmed teenager and shot him in the heart.”