What’s busting the PostScript Bunker today is the 2,000-strong-comment barrage over Kathleen Parker’s column on the congressional titan-clash over Susan Rice, presumptive nominee for secretary of state. U.N. Ambassador Rice is getting heat from Republican senators who think she misled the country in the aftermath of this year’s 9/11 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Parker flames them right back as posturers smearing Rice for political reasons, ignoring how national security concerns might have shaped the situation.  

Essentially, Parker argues, we are seeing a dog and pony show distracting us from who is doing what to whom over Rice’s body, for reasons political or otherwise. For example, that current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is letting Rice get singed because she needs the backing of another candidate for secretary of state, Sen. John Kerry. So we’re wondering: Who is doing what to whom here in the commentary lounge.     

Honeybell44 thinks Rice’s talking points debacle was an inside job:

She was a pawn, or a fool. Either way, it disqualifies her. Think this was a HRC setup as payback for SR supporting Obama in 2008?

elpea123 says Obama’s the mastermind here, trolling for a fight:

Obama WILL nominate her ’cause he loves tangling in Washington. He WANTS our house to be divided! Cause if it is divided, then he can twist things and make the world think that he’s a great peace maker!

jameschirico says there was a deliberate deception in the highest levels of government!  But for a good reason:

The Rice snow job was not for Americans to hear, it was for Ansar Al Sharia members to hear. Four days later with all their training bases closed they went underground. Before that some were dumb enough to let themselves be publicly heard providing leads.

patriot17 says the whole sorry fracas is about getting one more Republican seat in the Senate:

The reason for the public flogging of Susan Rice is that Republicans want the President to appoint John Kerry as the next Secretary of State, giving Scott Brown another shot at a Senate Seat, thereby reducing the number of Democratic Senators and increasing the number of Republican senators. In other words, pure politics, no substance.

Desertstraw thinks Susan Rice is, despite what Parker says, unqualified for the role.  Ideally, Obama would nominate someone who could best Obama in personal magnestism, namely … Al Gore:

Rice is qualified in the same sense as most of Obama’s cabinet, they have modest credentials and won’t outshine Obama. He shuns the best people. The idea of Kerry as the nominee is ridiculous. Why would the Democrats risk losing a Senate seat when they have a thin majority?  
If Obama wants to break his pattern and pick someone of stature, let him consider Al Gore. Remember that if the Supreme Court hadn’t stolen the presidency from him, we would not be mired in the Middle East quagmire today.

John-the-Mason, on the other hand, wants a kinder, gentler secretary of state. For reasons that are not completely clear but intriguing nonetheless, he sees this in matrimonial terms:   

Susan Rice is an abrasive intellectual with absolutely no people skills. It’s amazing to me that anyone married a person like that. I can’t imagine the word romance surfacing in any engagement with Susan Rice. What Obama needs now is John Kerry.  A civilized, gentle approach to the US Senate, Congress and World.

Ah!  We need a secretary of state who’s the marrying kind.  Unfortunately, PostScript has pretty solid intelligence that it’s very hard to find an eligible man in Washington politics who is not already happily married to himself. Maybe Rice has a sister she could set us up with.