A boy at Reed Intermediate School reacts to the news of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Today PostScript has nothing to say.

Instead, here is a culled chronology from comments to the Associated Press’s article reporting 27 dead:

11:18 AM EST
Three people were shot, including a child. This is crazy.

11:49 AM EST
oh lord help us

12:16 PM EST
The Lord will not help us. Only we can. Arm every child in school and this kind of thing won’t happen again.

12:10 PM EST
The perpetrators of these crimes should not have their names and photos plastered on our media endlessly. It would be wiser to report their identity once it is known for one day only. From then on they should be referred to in the 3rd person, as the shooter without giving them the fanfare or the notoriety that most of these losers grave.

12:19 PM EST
Please people, no discussing the dangers of gun proliferation at such a tragic time. The unofficial rules established by the gun lobby prohibit debate over gun laws until 30 business days after a school/mall/restaurant/theater shooting or within 30 business days prior to the next shooting. So please adhere to these civilized parameters for living in a moral society.

12:19 PM EST
A witness at the scene claims over 100 shots were fired.

12:22 PM EST
So let’s spend trillions more intervening in countries around the world to keep us ‘safe’. Meanwhile, at home we’ll just wait around to be gunned down in our movie theaters, shopping malls, schools, and places of employment by a regular person with a grudge and a gun.

12:23 PM EST
Disgusting act. I wonder if Al Qaeda has decided they no longer need to terrorize us because we will do it our selves.

12:28 PM EST
If mental illness is the problem, then support universal health-care that includes mental healthcare.

12:45 PM EST
CBS reporting 27 dead, at least 12 were kids!

12:45 PM EST
Millions of angry moms will do what all the gun control advocates of the past 30 years haven’t been able to.

12:50 PM EST
Pro-gun advocates say the problem is not guns; it’s crazies, criminals, people who can’t control themselves, who act on impulse. They miss the point. The problem is people. There have always been, and always will be, criminals, crazies, those who act rashly, who make terrible decisions. And guns make these terrible decisions terrible for all of us.

12:55 PM EST
I think the NRA has killed more Americans than Al-Qaeda.  Can we designate them as a terrorist organization?

12:56 PM EST
I like how you ****** blame an organization that promotes gun safety and proper use.  You might as well blame Bush 43 for a rotten economy

12:56 PM EST
I just don’t want to believe anybody could fire a gun at a child. It is unimaginable.

1:01 PM EST
27 dead? including 18 children? CHILDREN!? When does it end?

1:02 PM EST
Here and now.

1:01 PM EST
My heart goes out to the victims and their families. A vicious attack on innocents. Give the political comments a rest.

1:02 PM EST
This is exactly the time to wake up and talk about it.

1:28 PM EST
This many people are shot on a weekly basis in the liberal bastions of Chicago and Detroit and not a peep from the anti-second amendment liberals. Why do you suppose that is?

12:26 PM CST
Knife-wielding man injures 22 children in China.  

1:28 PM EST
Holy crap !!!

1:28 PM EST
Before the Governor of Michigan, a bill passed last night in a lame duck session by Republican majority. This bill would make it possible to take a concealed weapon in a church or school.

1:29 PM EST
Yawn. More innocent people shot in public. More dead children. Sorry, just too desensitized to this. I’m not gong to care if this country refuses to do anything about it.  How’s RG III?

1:29 PM EST
Let me guess…all the anti-gun people will start proposing more gun laws before the facts of this shooting are even known to determine if the laws they propose would have prevented the shooting. Hopefully they will keep in mind that:
– It is already illegal to have a firearm within 1000 feet of a school
– You need a permit to legally buy a handgun in CT.  
– You need proof of training to get a permit to buy a handgun in CT
– Only residents of CT can buy handguns in CT.
– It is unlawful to possess any other firearm by a person who has been convicted of a felony. It is unlawful to possess a handgun if convicted as a delinquent of a serious juvenile offense.   
– You need a permit to legally carry a concealed weapon in CT
– No person, firm, or corporation shall sell or transfer any pistol or revolver unless an application provided by the Commissioner of Public Safety is filled out. There is a 2 week waiting period from the date of the application.  
So keep these existing laws in mind when proposing any additional gun laws.

1:30 PM EST
How horrible.  I just imagine sending my child off to school and then hearing this horrible news. No more baby. No more hopes, smiles, birthday parties. For the dead, there is no more freedom to assemble, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble. No more right to pursue happiness. All gone because gun kooks think their second amendment rights are more important than these children’s constitutional rights.

1:31 PM EST
Millions deceased at the hands of the left’s abortion obsession. Where are the tears?

1:38 PM EST
Maybe it’s time to build a memorial in honor of those innocents that have given their lives so the insane and the NRA members (often the same people) can have their all-important Second Amendment rights? Surely lives have been lost that should be honored for their sacrifice. I am so angry, so sickened and so saddened by this, another tragedy.

1:40 PM EST
This is a Liberal’s best Christmas present.  The rest of us are sad.

1:41 PM EST
This is not a time to think! It’s a time to grieve!

1:45 PM EST
Mods – best to shut down comments

1:46 PM EST
I’m sure the gunman was one of those guys who says the left politicizes shootings and guns don’t kill people..

1:46 PM EST
Seriously let’s get some moderators in here. I would rather have the comments shut down than have to see all this hate speech flying around.

1:47 PM EST
I think it would help if shooters like this aren’t named in the news. So future ones don’t think they will become infamous. If the image and name are not spread maybe it won’t seem so “glamorous’ to someone who would do this.

1:50 PM EST
And Odumba the Coward wouldn’t squeak a peep about banning the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatic guns because he’s too afraid of NRA and gun-owners who voted for him.

1:51 PM EST
Let us look to Quentin Tarantino’s new movie about violence. Over 100 uses of the “N Word” thingy and multiple anti White killings. Stop the hate in Hollywood. They are creating these monsters.

2:04 PM EST
Did you know the worst school disaster in the US occurred in 1927 in Bath Township, Michigan? 38 children, two teachers and four others were killed by an angry school board member. He was disgruntled about a property tax being added to his house which he blamed for financial hardship leading to foreclosure. He used BOMBS. A psychotic person will find a way to kill. The gun didn’t do this . . . the psychotic person did.

2:04 PM EST
Shooter was 20? Law says 21 for a handgun. So much for gun laws, huh?  So let’s pass a few more to restrict the liberty of the 89,999,999 gun owners who DIDN’T shoot up a school today.  That makes sense.

2:12 PM EST
The shooting is a symptom of wider cultural problems, not an issue of gun control. Stop perpetuating violence! Hollywood, unions, OCCUPY protesters.

2:13 PM EST
A violent culture expressing outrage and shock at this horror is a bit hypocritical. How many drone missiles did our ‘warriors’ launch today?

2:14 PM EST
I don’t want to hear the crap that people kill people not guns. Europe has largely SOLVED this problem. Why can’t America?

2:16 PM EST
Too bad it isn’t as easy to get mental health help as it is to get a weapon that can kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

2:17 PM EST
What greater duty do any of us than that of protecting our children? It’s hard not to feel that we as a culture have failed these children. They are utterly dependent on the decisions we make as adults. They trust us. They do what we tell them. What can we do to help prevent thing like this? We must find a way to address this.

2:18 PM EST
One day we can put up a wall like we did for our Vietnam dead.  This wall can have the names of our gunshot children on it.

2:18 PM EST
The US has always had hoards of guns and insane people. What is new to the environment is Fox News, hate radio, and Congressman that call the President a liar on live TV during a joint session of Congress.

2:18 PM EST
Guns don’t kill people. But people with guns kill a ****load.

2:31 PM EST
Start by getting the libs the mental health treatment they so desperately need. Don’t allow them to possess firearms.

2:29 PM EST
What would have been more effective, gun control or crazy-guy control? Try crazy-guy control. 89,999,999 gun owners did NOT shoot up a school today. But of course the answer from the left is, punish the 89,999,999. Brilliant.