At this ripe old age, I have tried to convince myself that finally I should mellow out — that I’ve just about seen it all and that what hasn’t come across my radar screen is probably not worth having missed. I was making some progress.

Until yesterday.

News hit hard that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been hospitalized on Sunday night and that doctors had found a blood clot inside her skull. My sister is being treated for the same kind of blood clot problem. Like Clinton, she had collapsed and was found by others.

The difference, however, and the reason that I’m as riled up as I have been in years, is the unforgivably mean way in which Clinton’s illness has been treated by right-wing commentators who come to the public masked with titles and celebrity status.

Andrew Kaczynski with Buzzfeed Politics listed some of the culprits, along with their outrageous slurs against Mrs. Clinton, in a round-up item headlined: “8 people who thought Hillary Clinton was faking her concussion.”

Kaczynski’s list includes Republican political consultant Richard Grenell, who tweeted, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t testify about Benghazi!” And the New York Post, which referred to “Hillary Clinton’s head fake.” My Post colleague and television sparring partner Charles Krauthammer also made the list, with a comment about Clinton’s “acute Benghazi allergy.”

Now that we have more information about Clinton’s fall and the subsequent complications, will these commentators acknowledge their offense and apologize to the secretary of state? What about the people they hustled with their lies?

Clinton critic John Bolton certainly wasn’t doing much apologizing yesterday.

Will he and the other offenders now just move on to the next victim?

Will we let them?

Not this time.