The Post’s Michelle Boorstein has great news this morning.

Washington National Cathedral — the seat of the Episcopal Church, one of the world’s largest cathedrals and the host of the official prayer service for the presidential inauguration later this month — has decided to start hosting same-sex weddings.

Weddings are special events. Weddings at the National Cathedral are a whole different affair. With its history of celebration and national mourning, nuptials at the grand neogothic structure take on elevated importance. To say “I do” there is to also say “I’ve arrived.” Now that heart-trilling experience will be felt by same-sex couples in the seat of the Episcopal Church.

Washington National Cathedral (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

When it comes to the gays and recognition of our humanity, no major mainstream religious order has been more welcoming than the Episcopal Church. It has long ordained gay men and lesbians into its clergy. In 2003, Gene Robinson was elected as a bishop, the first openly gay priest to achieve such heights. This past summer it approved a rite for same-sex marriages. As Boorstein reports, churches in the Washington diocese have overseen blessings for same-sex couples since the 1980s.

None of these advances came easily, especially Robinson’s election. But the church did what was right, true to its teachings and reflective of the world it wants to see. Some won’t like the Washington National Cathedral’s announcement opening its doors to same-sex couples eager to join an institution that many have given up on. Thank God they are a dwindling minority.

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