A Mississippi Department of Health employee is given a flu vaccine shot. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File) A Mississippi Department of Health employee is given a flu vaccine shot. (Rogelio V. Solis/Associated Press)

Today’s editorial on the extraordinary flu season America’s having right now allows PostScript to get something off her chest, and discharge her PostScriptian duties at the same time. Postscript lied to you last week when, to illustrate how everything was getting back to normal in Washington, she noted that Grandma PostScript was flying home, proving the holidays were indeed over. This was in error. It turned out that Grandma PostScript was in fact still here, too sick to fly and back in the hospital. Where still she lies.  

PostScript might have put her there.  

PostScript and several members of her family had snotful times over the holidays — which we shared with Grandma PostScript, 93 — because we were too bold, too confident, too forgetful to get a flu shot! Grandma, as can be expected, is one tough motherbirther, and ordinarily takes no foolishness from germs. But alas, before kicking the cold in the face, Grandma PostScript developed pneumonia. Upon kicking pneumonia in the face, she developed low sodium levels. Upon kicking low sodium levels in the face, she developed labored breathing. Upon kicking labored breathing in the face, she had lain hospitalized for over a week and lost some strength. So there she is still, marshaling resources, plotting, one assumes, revenge against those who brought her low.  

PostScript is terrified. She’s, um, had chest coughy times for a week now, which has kept her from visiting Grandma PostScript at the hospital, what with her leaking viral load everywhere. She’s being careful, um, this time. But soon enough she and GP will have to meet again, and Grandma will crush her like citrus in a  juicer.       

So PostScript should have had a flu shot. Right, commenters?


I don’t get the flu shot and haven’t had the flu in maybe a decade.  Wash your hands often and not for 4 seconds (try 20 seconds). Clean the items you touch often (computers. cell phones).


I got a flu and pneumonia shot this year way before the “sick” season and got both the flu AND pneumonia.


You must have gotten the same flu shot my wife and I did. We got our shots in early October. My wife is now unable to get out of bed for the past three days. I have never seen her this sick and we have been together for more than 50 years. Let’s hear it for the pharmaceutical cartel. Thbbbbbbbbbbb! (a bronx cheer)

Way to spread your germs, Jebs10141! Meantime, though, sounds like it might be okay not to have gotten the shot.


It depends a lot on your immune system as well. If you are elderly or a young child the vaccine is less effective on you because you have a weakened immune system to start with. So, when self-centered, “I don’t care about the greater good” people that won’t take the 2 seconds to get the tiny shot and then get flu and infect somebody that has had the shot but has a weakened immune system, it’s YOUR fault.  



Yes, in today’s society, people would far rather let themselves infect others with a preventable, potentially serious, illness than do anything for the greater good. I imagine that this is one of the clearest signs of a country and society in decline. I’m sure that person probably considers themselves “religious” too.  


myviewat63 thinks it’s pretty weird this conversation hasn’t gotten political yet:

I remember the good old days when a vaccine shortage was a political problem and John Kerry skewered George Bush as incompetent, and if he couldn’t handle a little thing like vaccine shortages, how would he ever handle health care? Ah, those were the good old days.

FrauDr steps in to remedy that:

A recent report said only 1/3 of American workers received sick days (paid or unpaid). What infects children, elderly and immuno-compromised most are other individuals with the flu who do not take sick days because they don’t have them, or, even if they do have them, fear losing their job or having hours cut if they do. These are food preparers, child care workers, retail workers, you name it. They also have children who they send to school sick because they cannot take days off to care for them, and cannot afford child care. We have developing world levels of influenza in the USA because of these situations – not because we lack more effective flu vaccines.

As does semmi:

With this unusual early onslaught of the virus mainly affecting the US, I wish someone could reassure me and others that it was not created by a terrorist act by a hostile government (Iran).

Yes.  PostScript can reassure you and others that it was not created by a terrorist act by a hostile government (Anyone.)  Because the point of terrorism is that people know you’re behind it.  

pastgone echoes PostScript:

If these comments are any indication, America has a very virulent strain of “freakin’ weird” going around.

BabeintheWoods echoes pastgone:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “The following substances are found in flu vaccines: aluminum, antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde, human aborted fetal apparatus (dead human tissue), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and thimerosol (mercury).”  

Oddly enough, a quick Google search reveals that sentence ascribed to the CDC quoted often, but never by the actual CDC. It’s on CNN.com once, but in the comments section.  Every other mention, word for word (or with parentheticals omitted), is on a site trying to convince you not to get vaccinated.  


Fear and guilt, the 2 best motivations for sales.

Yep.  Fear and guilt.  Excuse PostScript, please, she’s heading to CVS.