Whether you agree with the Defense of Marriage Act — either on substantive or constitutional grounds — or not, there’s no reason to bash the House of Representatives for continuing to defend that statute in court. Even if it means spending a little money.

Now, that’s not to say there’s no reason to bash House Republicans for continuing to support DOMA. But given that they do support it, they’re acting quite properly by extending that support to where it matters — in the courts.

As long as the government supports a law, it should defend it in court. In the event of divided government — as in this case, where the president believes the law is unconstitutional but the House of Representatives disagrees — it falls to the House to do so.

Sure, it’s easy to bash a bit of spending — oh, look, House Republicans are a bunch of hypocrites because they claim to want to cut spending and yet here’s $3 million to support a pet cause — but the proper functions of government are important. And sometimes they cost a little money.

If you disagree with DOMA, then sure, bash the House for supporting it. But anyone who approves of the government spending money defending laws they like shouldn’t be hitting the House over spending money to defend this law.