The pill (Eric Gaillard / Reuters)

It’s a rare day of relaxation in the PostScript bunker. E.J. Dionne lauds the Obama administration’s softened birth control coverage requirements as a rare case of the good old fashioned everybody wins a bit/everybody loses a bit/ everybody’s tired of it political compromise. It’s remarkable for such a sticky wicket of an issue, where religion, money, healthcare, reproduction, reach of government, women and family stuff all meet to glare at each other. But now it is possible for all to emerge again smiling and planning to meet next week for coffee, says Dionne.

Aw heck naw, says the commentariat. It’s not a compromise at all!

… because religious employers will still cover birth control indirectly, says asmith1:

How is this a victory for the Catholics when Obama is just moving the walnut shells around? The Catholics will pay a higher premium for their primary business health insurance policy to cover the cost of the ‘supplemental’ birth control policy which is “at no additional cost to the company.”

… because, kitchendragon50 says, it ignores potential religious rights of corporations and other businesses:

Sorry, but it does not fix the problem. By admitting this to be a freedom of religion issue, they now try to say this freedom applies only to non-profit organizations. So, it is only a freedom for corporations but not individuals (small business)? A freedom only for non-profits but not for-profit companies? Seems that the HHS is regulating basic American freedoms. Let the lawsuits continue.

… because religiously affiliated businesses are still businesses, says Djones121:

What kind of medieval Catholic rubbish is this? A woman’s access to reproductive health care should depend on the religion of her employer? It is similar to the requirement that all the king’s subjects must follow his religion whether they believe it or not. This is America. We have NO established religion. The Catholic hierarchy is NOT above the law despite what they think.

These Catholic charitable, educational and medical institutions employ over 800,000 people and generate billions in revenues. They are BUSINESSES. They are cash cows and are funded for the most part, directly or indirectly, by the Federal Government. They should play by the same rules as any other business. There should be NO religious exemption or any special accommodations for religious-owned businesses.

… because the government is still supporting religion, says peterroach:

I would prefer that no religion accept any help for the state. This is more for the Church and the integrity of its mission.

… because many of the Catholic hierarchy are out of line with regular Catholics, RocketPropelledGophers implies:

When the majority of the congregation are FOR the coverage of contraceptives, is it really an “assault on their faith”?

… because Gatto hates everyone involved so they shouldn’t win at all, says Gatto:

Why is barry0, arguably the worst president since the inception of the Republic, pandering to some catholic ex-Nazi Hitler Youth leader in Rome? The last I looked, there is a separation of church and state for a reason – yet barry0 is kowtowing to the Vatican. What’s up with that? This is a travesty of justice.

… and because birth control is legitimate medical care that outside groups shouldn’t be so concerned with, implies tidelandermdva, which isn’t a totally new point but does contain a portmantypo, a term PostScript just made up by portmanteauing portmanteau and typo (“stomache” is another example) and which one other person ever, according to Google, has used, so congrats this guy, but anyway PostScript likes tidelander’s:

All the ACA is doing is covering perscrioptions. Why is the birth control pill the only prescription that should not be covered?