(Chris Kaufman/AP) (Chris Kaufman/AP)

The long-lost remains of Richard III were found in England. A memo justifying the use of drones to kill Americans in league with al Qaeda was found by NBC News. The killer of Trayvon Martin found out that his request for a trial delay was denied. And Karl Rover found plenty of opposition to his plan to cull the Republican herd of wing-nut candidates.

Meanwhile, the Ravens brought the Super Bowl trophy home to Baltimore. Comedian Chris Rock, who once joked that bullets should be taxed to reduce down on gun violence, lobbied Congress in favor of gun control. Lindsay Lohan now lives in her old room at home on Long Island. And CBS wants guests at the Grammy’s to stop showing so much skin. The great thing is you won’t have to show any skin to take this week’s p-Op quiz. So, sharpen your pixels and get crackin’.

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