Leon Panetta holds a press conference (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images) Leon Panetta holds a news conference (SAUL LOEB/Getty Images).

Call President Obama’s bluff, Charles Krauthammer urges in his column today. Obama wanted sequestration, but now he doesn’t, so Krauthammer says that he’ll either have to give in to Republican demands to cut different stuff or accept the badly planned cuts with his name on them.

If PostScript recalls correctly, sequestration was supposed to be a mutually assured destruction trigger mechanism that everyone would hate so intensely they would be forced to work together to avoid it. For a while that was the only way Congress and the White House functioned: go down to the wire and then be forced to accept compromise at the last minute, because compromising without a metaphorical gun to one’s head looks weak. So they did what any reasonable leadership body would do: hire a guy to point a gun at their heads.


So sequestration is designed to make everybody apocalyptically afraid. Only as Krauthammer argues today, Obama is the one who needs sequestration to die more. Fear not sequestration, Republicans! Or at least appear not to fear it as a negotiating tactic!

And interestingly, in the comments, he gets a whole lot of agreement. There are many people out there willing to let the sequestration chips fall where they may. Just for a wiiiiide variety of reasons. Check it out.


Letting the sequester take effect is the necessary preamble to returning to a “regular way” budget process. Once the cuts are in effect then passing a unified House/Senate budget and having the President sign it is the only way out. This will also solve the continuing resolution issue as well as the debt ceiling deadline since the budget will replace the CR and logically include an increase in the ceiling corresponding to the size of the deficit over the term of the budget. Both houses of congress will have to roll up their sleeves and work together to sort the cuts and revenue increases into the right buckets. It’s about time!


Obama may not be as stupid as he looks. The Obama Sequester may be the only thing preventing his second down-grade.


If the GOP does take us over the cliff all the celebrating is going to make some great campaign ads in 2014.


For once I actually agree with Krauthammer! Let the sequester take effect, and make the required cuts in the domestic and military budgets. There’s fat in both, especially the military. Time for major belt-tightening at the Pentagon, and more efficiency running the rest of government.


The sequester should take place. I am very tired of this “kick the can down the road” approach. Maybe this will teach the politicians from both sides of the aisle a lesson.


I can’t believe that Charles K and I agree on something. But sequestration is the best way to significantly decrease the incredibly bloated US defense department budget. So let’s do it!


The GOP would like to thank Obama for giving the country the sequester spending cuts. Does he have any more of these gifts for the GOP and American taxpayer?


If Obama takes the position that cuts will be bad for the economy and the GOP allows the cuts to happen thereby tanking the economy then who do you think the voter will blame?


Let the Sequester happen; that way, Obama won’t be able to buy as many American Citizen Assassination Drones. A real “win-win” for American taxpayers: less debt and more personal security from Obama’s runaway ego.


“draconian defense cuts”?! The proposed cuts are about 5%. And we’re told that that 5% will destroy our military forces and render us vulnerable to every brown man on a camel.

Mutually assured destruction is the new compromise. It’s got something for everyone! PostScript proposes this be the theme song: Tom Lehrer, “We Will All Go Together When We Go.”