Sen. Marco Rubio (AP) Sen. Marco Rubio (AP)

Well, this was a humdinger of a week. Pope Benedict XVI started things off first thing Monday morning by announcing he was abdicating the papacy. Later that night, lightning struck St. Peter’s dome. On Tuesday, we awoke to news that North Korea tested a nuclear weapon. That afternoon, disgruntled murderous former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner had a shoot-out with California police from a cabin in the woods before said cabin went up in flames. That night, President Obama delivered a State of the Union address as feisty as his Inaugural.

All day Wednesday, we snickered at the endless loop of Sen. Marco Rubio’s desperate sip of water during his canned response to Obama’s speech from the night before. By Thursday, we watched slack jawed and with arched eyebrows as the Senate filibustered the nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel to be the next secretary of defense. And then, as Thursday gave way to Friday, those poor folks stranded on that crippled Carnival cruise ship were reunited with dry land and sanitary conditions.

After all that, there’s nothing left to except take the p-Op quiz. So, sharpen your pixels and get crackin’.

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