Senator Cruz looking reasonable and calm Sen. Ted Cruz, left, looking reasonable and calm.

Newly sworn-in Sen. Ted Cruz is already making waves, Ruth Marcus notes in her column today. Among other things, Cruz is insinuating on no evidence that Chuck Hagel, probably the next defense secretary, has maybe gotten a lot of money from North Korea or Saudi Arabia to do … something. The Republican from Texas is referring to the fact that Hagel has $200,000 in a bank account from an undisclosed source; by Senate rules, Hagel would have to disclose the source if it were a foreign government.

Er, as Marcus says, isn’t it kind of unfair to just assume something sinister is afoot?

Nope, say many commenters on Marcus’s article! It’s fine, de rigueur for Washington! The world is complicated; conspiracies abound! Nothing is what it seems! It’s always who you least expect! There’s a shadowy force with hidden motives pulling the strings around here, we just have to figure out who it is.

AnnsThought thinks it is the rest of the Senate trying to protect its questionable way of doing things:

Perhaps Senator Cruz shouldn’t have implied that the funds were from an enemy, but we do need to shake things up in Congress. I can’t agree with defending the status quo; chastising Senator Cruz for not knowing “his place.” The old guard and their rules is what allowed Senator Menendez to advocate for that doctor in Florida, against the interests of the USA.  We demanded 10 years of tax returns from Romney. Where did that $200,000 deposit come from? The public has a right to know this.

amaikovich thinks it’s … Senator Cruz aiming for a second term!

Senator Cruz is obviously no dummy. This behavior plays well in Texas. Doesn’t influence anyone else in the Senate, but plays well in Texas.

ignoranceisbliss says it is … representative democracy!

The Post claims Cruz to be a “firebrand.” They even point out that most freshmen just sit back. However what they don’t point out is the people that elected Ted Cruz to represent them, expected Ted to do exactly what he is doing, representing their interests. It’s too bad more representatives of the people do not take their positions as seriously as Ted Cruz is.

The Post expects all politicians to play the same old games and hold to the same low standard of performance. Ted Cruz is doing exactly what he was elected to do. And that is a good thing for those he represents.

boblesch says the culprit is … Ruth Marcus and The Washington Post! By shining the spotlight on Cruz’s antics!

Lunatics need to be ignored — especially BY THE PRESS!


Marcus’s column is a reasoned view at Sen. Cruz’s first days as a Senator. It will be interesting to see whether he alters his tactics in the months and years to come. We know from his resume and past accomplishments that Cruz is smart, and I suspect that if he isn’t making the progress that he wants, he will change so as to be more effective. In stark contrast to Marcus’s column, however, most of the critical comments in this thread are way over the top, making every-day hyperbole look like reasoned restraint. But what really takes the cake, I think, is the entirely unflattering picture of Sen. Cruz that the Post editors chose to run on Everyone takes a bad picture, but the Post editors seemed intent on finding the one that make Sen. Cruz look most like an extreme radical lunatic. I would wager to say that they would never choose a comparable picture of President Obama to run with any article. Shame on them.

Founders…1791 connects some dots and argues that the commenters ARE the Post’s content producers!

Once again EVERY thread is filled with a half dozen Media Matters trolls and WashedupPost employees with nothing to do but propagandize our way of life and trade in churlish invective.
It is always the stuck on stupid snot nosed self appointed intellectuals who never learn from history and whom the radical socialist democrats wish to repeat their mistakes: What came after the French Revolution? …….The Reign of Terror! What comes after the Obama Devolution? …..The Reign of Terror!

PerryM1 then squares the circle. If The Post is paying all of us to talk to each other…who is REALLY benefiting? AHA:

3,300 posts [on this column]. I’m assuming Cruz is laughing his butt off.