The well-being of the Republican Party, Kathleen Parker writes in today’s column, depends on whether a certain species of Republican will surface and take charge: quiet, moderate, willing-to-work-together-with-people-who-think-very-differently Republicans. In short, those scornfully nicknamed the RINOs must emulate the 2010 Tea Party, not in the politics of obstructionism but in zeal: They must charge and rampage if they’re ever going to get to roll around in the watering hole of Republican Party leadership and have as excellent a time as this rhino is having.

This Indian one-horned rhino is doing great .(EPA/STR) This Indian one-horned rhino is doing great.(EPA/STR)

PostScript didn’t even know there were Indian rhinos. Her ignorance is similar to that of the vast swaths of people who are curious but uninformed about this other majestic but endangered species, the RINO. Once these nice, quiet, consensus-seeking beasts — many of them incumbent Congresspersons — are pushed out of their natural Capitol habitat and thrust into hostile primary battles against aggressives on their right, how will they survive or even thrive?

Some representatives say, we won’t.


“RINOs need to be defiantly proud, aggressively centrist and unapologetically sane.” We are. We’re just not RINOs anymore. When I begged for sanity and moderation, I was told I was not really a Republican. The big tent is now a pup tent. I won’t be voting Republican again any time soon – or ever.


Nope, the old GOP is not coming back, and neither are hordes of us long-departed RINOs.

Docsider is more optimistic about it, and ready to join Parker and/or rampage:

Kathleen, you nailed it. I am appalled at the outdated messaging, tired ideas, stupid rhetoric of our candidates and the lack of a viable political strategy for the Republican party. As weak a president as Mr. Obama is, we should have won the most recent presidential elections pulling away! It never ceases to amaze me how we are incapable of seeing the Democratic party for who they are–and more amazingly seem incapable of mounting a viable resistance and counter plan. They are eating our lunch!

We need to change our strategy, or messaging, our candidates, our stupid primary policies and keep our fundamental values intact. Thanks Kathleen for calling this out!

FergusonFoont has a strategy for what RINOs can do if they want, um, Democrats to win a lot more:

The best outcome for the country would be if the Republican congressional leadership would begin to behave responsibly and relax party discipline so their more reasonable members could vote for actual solutions, which with stronger Democratic support would thus obtain a majority and, in the Senate, would be able to overcome obstructionist filibusters. 
This then would give rise to a separate TEA Party, splitting the Republican vote wherever it reared its ugly head, resulting in unbreakable Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress.

williamsburgpatriot, on the other hand, is pleased with the RINO-hunting of the last few years, and sees it as phase one of a plan to remove weak elements of both parties:

The 40% of Americans who have become independent voters and candidates aren’t whining. We’re right on course to make the anti-intellectual sycophants who keep the two party monopoly in power an extinct species. We’ve just about succeeded as to the first half of the two party monopoly. Democrats are next.

sw_florida agrees:

G. W. Bush saw his numbers drop to historical lows. The GOP was down and out. That was before the Tea Party. Now the GOP is coming back, thanks to the Tea Party. RINOs are history. It’s time for tea. Watch 2014, Obama.

Woodette says it’s not too late for RINOs to change their spots:

Kathleen, you are welcome to join us Democrats. Our tent is big, and we welcome creativity and good sense.

Geezer4 suggests a candidate for RINO-in-chief:

Kathleen Parker for President in 2016.

dmparker74‘s right there with Geezer:

I agree! RINOs of the world unite: We have nothing to lose but our hides. Kathleen, if you run for office I will start a PAC in your support.

But xwordplayer argues that there is still much crucial work to be done in the image department:

Good ideas, but they are going to need some type of clever headwear to make their point. I’ve seen ones with a rhino horn on a baseball cap. It could catch on.

And thus was a movement galvanized.