Bracing for sequestration. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst) Bracing for sequestration. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Sequestration, Charles Krauthammer writes on this sequester day, will ultimately be salutary. The more President Obama tries to make it scary, the more the actually-okay-ness of it all will prove that cutting government budgets won’t kill us all. While the cuts aren’t where they need to be, Krauthammer says, the simple lesson of awaiting a disaster that doesn’t come will be valuable for us all.

Just the same, it sure is nice to be reading this on sequester day from one’s very own PostScript Bunker. It’s a pretty good way to survive a non-apocalypse, too.

In the comments, the general ideological disagreements and economic disagreements that make up our colorful bunkerized world are mixed in today with the confusion of what these cuts will actually do and the confusion of how government things actually work. For example, this is a comment designed to inform:

Araminta Ross

If U BRAC’ed to APG, the Commander was on local news this morning speaking about personnel cutbacks that will start to take effect in 2 weeks. I hope it’s not you.

PostScript was stunned to discover via Google that she has in fact heard of Aberdeen Proving Ground, as her brother works on robot tanks. Or … he did.

Looming disaster or disaster-of-not-having-a-disaster-we-were-promised affects people in different ways. To those of us not BRAC’ed to APG, it’s about bracing ourselves philosophically for whatever might happen.

jfv123 thinks there might be some disaster, but is willing to brave it for the sake of conservative principles:

Conservatives are hunkering down. We’re ignoring the media panic. We will survive a 2% cut in Government even if it hits the few Government programs we like. Conservatives are ready to sacrifice.

– What’s a few thousand more illegal aliens running loose? There are already 12 million of them.
– Flight delays? Airlines should just reschedule flights to match air controller capacity.
– Close national parks? How do you close a thousand square miles? it costs money to keep people out.
– Furlough Government employees? Fewer traffic jams in DC and fewer regulations being written.

aaronweiner thinks there might be some disaster, but is willing to brave it for the sake of the downfall of conservative principles:

Krauthammer basically reinforces what we think about Republicans by this article: that any cuts are good cuts. That’s why the sequester is on the Republicans. They wanted this to happen. They’re getting their wish. They’d do well to remember the old adage: be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Jumper, who did not create his or her username just to make this comment but it’s still pretty artful, is determined to rise above with some cynical equanimity:

Most suicide attempts initially fail, so there is nothing to worry about, eh?

gardelito takes solace from a different Opinions piece, which PostScript attests can be very soothing:

Krauthammer has the audacity to try to reverse reality by claiming that a balanced approach to trim the deficit is an indication that Obama doesn’t want to trim the deficit. Every reasonable person knows by now, that it is Republicans who are not really interested in deficit reduction. Mann and Ornstein explain it clearly:

“But if the goal were really debt reduction, it would be easy to get a bipartisan deal that would lower the debt enough to meet the original target set by the Simpson-Bowles fiscal commission, with roughly a third coming from revenue. The insistence on deep discretionary-spending reductions while calling for even deeper tax cuts shows that the sequester is not about money but about taking a meat ax to government as we know it.”

Walt62 finds a unified theory to explain all the madness, which makes individual crises easier to handle

Like most of our problems, it boils down the fact that most people don’t pay enough quality attention to political issues. Allowing groups that do focus attention and money on politics to advance interests that go against the common good. Public employee unions and associations protect wasteful, ineffective programs. Various groups insert loopholes into the tax code. As is often the case, we must choose the least bad among bad alternatives, which is Obama’s proposals. Except for Obama’s egregious “millionaires” tax. This could be extremely unfair to someone who sells a single large property that they have made their primary investment.

And Bluejay89 — another apt name! — brings some irrational exuberance.

Bring on sequester 2!

It is only a little ridiculous for PostScript to conclude that everyone is finding strength in their beliefs amid possible crisis. Like how humanity has always done. Go us.