Sunny Seattle, other Washington (Elaine Thompson/AP Photo) Sunny times in Seattle, the other Washington. (Elaine Thompson/AP Photo)

It’s sunny and pretty warm out, there ended up not being much of a snowstorm round these parts, PostScript had a great breakfast and, according to E.J. Dionne Jr., our federal government MIGHT be getting tired of sucking. Also, chocolate is full of antioxidants. What a glorious day it’s being.

AAAND PostScript had the pleasure of meeting Dionne in person today, and he is awesome. We talked about you.

So, what else excellent could happen? Well, Dionne predicts, all it took to get some Republican senators to say nice things about President Obama and/or compromise was a nice dinner and four years’ worth of exhaustion.

And that might also have been enough to have a civil, compromising, moderate comments section, in which people say nice things about the other side. Really! Check it out:

flyover22, generally not a Dionne fan, liked this column!

Thank you EJ. A well written, insightful, balanced commentary. And hopefully this will be a permanent move from your pre-election and post-election Democratic shill position. I love the sequester for it has forced the government to make the hard choices. Generally hated by both parties there is an incentive to move to the next issue(s)- funding limits, tax reform, and spending cuts.

Prof-Dr-G likewise:

Is E.J. admitting that we have a budget problem? Amazing!

More commenters think that the sequestration ugliness, while not in and of itself heartening, will have good effects. And it might have taken getting over this hump together for real governing to begin:


Exhaustion indeed. The sequestration was always meant to be a facilitator to a deal, not the deal itself. There’s little question that given the proper super committee, we might have seen a deal, and maybe that’s what Obama is trying to assemble. I’ve long suspected that there had to be some reasonable Republicans, but they’ve been voting in unison for so long that I’d begun to doubt.


Hell, the sequester is the first meaningful thing they’ve accomplished that doesn’t cost us more money.


In the past few months we’ve gotten a small but significant tax increase and small but significant spending reductions. Also, the rate of increase of health care costs slowed very significantly in 2009, 2010 and 2011. It’s time to pull back, take a look at the budget deficit and our spending priorities, and for once act like adults!!

And a plea for civil discourse among people who disagree results in…civil discourse among people who disagree!


The problem with political discourse in this country is not that we have differences. The problem is that too few people on the left or the right can accept that someone disagrees with them and still be civil towards them.


Ah, thank you, [late Post columnist David] Broder’s ghost. “Both sides do it.” So tell me, how come all our biggest problems are due to 1) Things the GOP did, or 2) Things right-wing Dems agreed with the GOP on? Iraq War Medicare Part D Deregulating Wall Street the “USA PATRIOT” Act etc.


See, this is exactly what I am talking about.


This is the internet, Magi. We’re not influencing anybody around here, we’re entertaining ourselves. If somebody reads a post and says,”Wow, you know I never thought of it that way,” they are the exception and not the rule. The other thing is, for all our mean spirited nastiness, we do actually kind of enjoy each other’s company. If not, why aren’t we posting on Fox News or Mother Jones? Don’t take any of it personally, it’s not really meant to be personal. Though conservatives, they really are idjuts.


I agree with dijetlau. There are some here who are actually interested in intellectual debates and actual facts. I have found myself looking for certain names when looking thru articles. What fun is it to go a board were everyone agrees?

You guys make PostScript love her job. Now go outside and frolic in the sunshine so we can be nasty again tomorrow.