(Pablo Martinez Monsivais) (Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Depending on where you stood, this was a week of disappointment. The sequester deadline hit and the sky didn’t fall. In fact, the stock market had the nerve to have its best week ever. Sen. Rand Paul yammered on and on in an effort to stall a vote on John Brennan to lead the CIA. The new spy chief was confirmed 63 to 34. The peddlers of the story that Sen. Bob Menendez dabbled in underage prostitutes from the Dominican Republic were proven wrong by The Post. And those of us waiting for the sky to fall with blankets of snow on the District were only blanketed with meteorological hype.

Meanwhile, President Obama broke bread with some Senate Republicans at a Washington eatery. Secretary of State Kerry continued meeting his counterparts around the world. Secretary of Defense Hagel made a corkscrew landing into Afghanistan to meet leaders there. Hugo Chavez left this earth to meet his maker. And the date for picking the new Pope was set. Too bad that fake Cardinal was busted.

Unless you’re trying to crack the conclave, you have no excuse for not taking this week’s p-Op quiz. So, sharpen your pixels and get crackin’.

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