Yep, we're still doing this. (Charlie Neibergall /AP Photo) Yep, we’re still doing this. (Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)

“Didn’t we just have an election?,” Greg Sargent wonders at the top of his Morning Plum post. He wonders why the Republican Party seems to be acting as if they just won in November, rather than having lost seats in the House and Senate (and the House popular vote) and failing to unseat President Obama. And why the mainstream media are pressuring Obama to be more open to compromise, as if he didn’t win a decisive mandate in 2012.

And ooh, do we in the PostScript bunker like to party like it’s still November 2012. Three thousand comments later, we’re still arguing over who won which election and what that means should happen now!

Wizard-of-Oz says that elections matter, specifically that since House control remains in Republican hands and that blocking a bunch of legislation is within House power, it IS the will of the people that allows the GOP to block the president’s agenda:

Sargent seems to gloss over the fact that the voters elected a Republican controlled House of Representatives in 2010, so that the Democrat controlled Senate and the President cannot enact any legislation whatsoever without the co-operation of the Republican House. The fact that the President was re-elected does NOT mean that the GOP should “roll over” and let the Democrats do whatever they wish. They did that for two years and ran the most corrupt government in many decades. Mr. Sargent needs a refresher course about government so that he will, perhaps, understand the “separation of powers” doctrine. Liberals must get used to it. There will be no laws enacted without the GOP’s OK.

SteveO543 argues that the Democrats keep adopting Republican ideas, even the ones the voters seemed to reject, so the Democrats are allowing the GOP to keep winning even if they lose elections:

What the Dems need to ask themselves is, why do the GOP’s bad ideas keep becoming policy, even after they lose elections.
The President has had unprecedented chances to fully, unequivocally denounce the cons austerity economics the GOP is demanding more of, but he chose not to, so it seems more than a little strange he would act surprised at their demands for more of their “austerity economic” on the middle class.

deaddog1965 says the GOP is acting like they don’t believe Obama won because they don’t believe Obama won:

Well that’s simple to answer. They don’t feel that Obama won. It was voter fraud, the poor folk and the like that got him re-elected. As long as you believe that then you will continue to sell your ideas.

JjOoEe is wondering why, since Congress has such power against the president, Democrats seemed so helpless against President George W. Bush:

Maybe Democrats should ask why they didn’t do more to slow down W and the Republicans between 2000-2008. They dutifully stood by so they could complain later? They controlled both chambers of Congress between 2006-2010 and held the WH for the past 4 years. At some point they need to own up to some of the mess we’re in. Point and blame is getting a little old.

Ydnack says it’s all about 2014, baby. The voters the GOP depends upon next year want to see a strong GOP now to motivate them:

Republicans seem to have a much better understanding of how to motivate their base, especially for mid term elections.
Taking a no compromise position has the effect of making them look strong, while the willingness to compromise has the democrats appearing weak. In the mid terms when a lot depends on a motivated base, this will probably be a winning strategy for Republicans.

InterimPundit says it’s actually about 2016, because three losses at the presidential level in a row are exactly what it’s going to take to convince Republicans they are losing:

If the Republicans tread water in the mid terms and lose another Presidential election, then we might see some significant changes; I doubt they will come up with anything substantially different before then. Jethro and Cooter are still firmly in control of the klown kar.

kgblankinship1 says it’s not even really about elections for the GOP, but making donors happy:

Bottom line: Republicans are pushing their agenda whether the electorate wants it or not. That is because they don’t take their orders from the people, but from the ‘job creators.’ We really need some serious campaign finance reform, and probably a constitutional amendment that says that campaign contributions are legalized bribery – not free speech.

And johninflorida argues that, since the Republicans are keeping Obama from compromising, the effect is a win for liberals:

Rightwing Republican obstinacy prevents Obama from cutting Medicare and Social Security, and this is a bad thing why, exactly?

So if Republicans are secretly winning 2012 and 2014, and liberals are secretly winning the austerity conversation right now, how come everybody told PostScript it’s not opposite day?