Humor, from the House Budget Committee chairman, about the Affordable Care Act:

Under those circumstances, Ryan argues, repeal is not out of the question. “I don’t want to say we’re going to enjoy going around the country saying ‘I told you so,’ but we’re going to have to say ‘I told you so, and here’s a better way,’” he says.

That’s right: Rep. Paul Ryan is still expecting Republicans to get credit for the “replace” part of “repeal and replace.” Even though it’s been well more than two years since they trotted out that slogan and even though they never even managed to put together any kind of framework or anything at all for the “replace” part of it. Even though Republicans in the 112th Congress never even bothered to hold hearings to generate ideas for a “replace” bill. Even though most House Republicans have even given up, near as I can tell, on even pretending that they’ll ever have any real intention of “replace.” Even though there wasn’t even a hint of any “replace” plan in the Romney-Ryan campaign. And even though Ryan certainly doesn’t include anything about “replace” in his budget.

But, sure, that Republican alternative will just materialize any second now, and we should all act as though they have one. Right.