Welcome friends! PostScript is so glad she warned you on Tuesday that this was going to be all-offensiveness week. And that she didn’t compost her sitting duck decoy PostScripts, which take forever to make. Because, ladies and gents, up in the comments of George F. Will’s column we’ve got all kinds of opportunities to offend and be offended. To be offriends and offriendsive.

Will writes about the explosion of self-perpetuating public school bureaucracies that suck up funding and waste time with feelgood, new-agey diversity/tolerance/climate programs at the expense of old-school math, history, biology, etc. — particularly when the program is aimed at examining white privilege, historical or modern. Will’s example is a hypothetical [according to Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction Web site it was never implemented] lesson plan in which white students were to be given wristbands to remind them of the invisible cultural benefits they get automatically. Which is apparently NOT good for self-esteem, though PostScript would think kids would find invisible cultural power pretty cool.

Anyway, whether kids ever did this or not, some government money was surely procured to have someone think up this idea. PostScript remembers a similar lesson she encountered as a wee one via the Class Divided videotape of a teacher scarring her students for life by suddenly treating them differently if they had brown eyes or blue, which wee PostScript watched in school. Which, come to think of it, taught her that teachers could totally use her for social experiments if they wanted (they could not; it was the 90s; parents sued).


But anyway! We all equally got super offended today, so let’s get to it!

Hacim Obmed

To teach innocent little children that they are somehow responsible and guilty because of some sort of long ago crime is utterly evil. It is doubly evil if they are taught such guilt is their lot because of the color of their skin or because of their religion or national origin or social class or because of their gender or sexual orientation. There is no gene by when a child inherits the responsibility for past crimes of any sort. The persistent leftist obsession that places race or class at the center of all history and causation is thus the greatest evil of our age and is highly destructive of our society.


Okay but it is an objective fact that MOST white people – myself included – are comparatively privileged. Which is not to say that we should apologize for that, or have guilt about it. But it’s worth acknowledging.


I think I’ve read before about a political movement that required certain people to wear certain identifying marks according to their race.


George wants to omit slavery and Jim Crow from history books and only talk about the founding fathers, his father’s generation and his soon to be dead generation.

Okay, everyone’s a LITTLE offended now, right? No? We need a little more?

Just saying?

Will the White majority wake up to the blatant racism that is aimed at them? “White privilege” is a handy propaganda tool and works so well because the “Sleeping Giant” is so damn passive about it.
G.Will’s article is timely and chronicles some of the abuse these extremists are getting away with. The larger issue is just what will Whites do about it?
The pathetic answer is; nothing, absolutely nothing.

Whew. I hope we all feel a little more diverse and consciousness-raised, at least about other people’s opinions. Now, for the soothing feelgoodery uplift you get after actually learning something!

Crickey7 feels lucky to be born to people who taught him or her how lucky was his or her birth! Aww:

I was raised to be very thankful for all the advantages I had by virtue of birth, and to always feel as if I owed a debt to society as a result. In my experience, the opposite was a sense of entitlement, and it resulted in some ugly people.

David-Sierra says ham-fisted propaganda teaches kids to be on alert for ham-fisted propaganda:

On the bright side: Strong-arm government indoctrination like this often has a boomerang effect.

abcd4 has advice on avoiding educational nonsense:

Strangely if you get an engineering and science education, your education is pretty much free of politics. Perhaps more people should study the sciences.

SageThrasher says it should be pretty easy to identify the deadwood at the top of the public school structure:

It’s notable that the number of school bureaucrats increased at twice the rate of teachers and at seven times the rate of student enrollment during a time when computers in the private sector made so many bureaucratic jobs obsolete. Common sense suggests most of the new school bureaucrats were needless hires given busy work–like those Will discusses–by managers and department heads looking to expand their fiefdoms via head counts and budget increases.

And gardelito characterizes Will’s bureaucratic explosion as at least partially beneficial to students:

What George Will calls bureaucrats includes: principals, librarians, counselors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, personnel who attend children with special needs, secretaries, food service personnel, custodial, maintenance and security personnel. I don’t see a lot of bureaucrats among them.

Wow. So that got pretty uncomfortable, but we learned, right? PostScript, for one, resisted her urges to single out people who use poor grammar to complain about how ignorant Kids Today are. We feel a lot closer now. Let’s never fight again.