“Nutgers,” Hillary Clinton, Argentina, Ronald Reagan, donuts, basketball, Joe Biden, the Easter Bunny, Jedi mind melds, Patti Davis and Kid President — they all made their way into the national discourse this week. But how?

Let’s scroll!

1.) The power of Bunny: Sequester cuts didn’t stop this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll. But it did move President Obama to voluntarily cut 5 percent off his salary. Or was it because of the “Jedi mind meld” done on him by the Easter Bunny? Doubtful, but it might explain all those missed shots on the basketball court later that morning.

2.) Team of rivals:  We’re barely out of the election of 2012, and this dynamic duo has folks salivating over the election of 2016. Vice President Biden and former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton shared the stage at the Kennedy Center to celebrate a women’s empowerment group she helped found. Both are at the top of the list of 2016 contenders. We all know the veep wants to run. But will Hillary run? As the picture suggests, “Who knows?”

3.) Kevin Ware: The University of Louisville basketball player suffered probably the most horrifying injury in all of sports. His right leg snapped below the knee. Folks watching at home were stunned. Fans in the stands were stunned. Fellow players were reduced to tears. And what did Ware have to say? “I said it probably 15 times,” Ware told ESPN, “‘Coach, I’m going to be good, you just got to win this game.’ ” That they did.

4.) Who’s that lady?: Mark Sanford’s trail of redemption led him to victory in the runoff to be the Republican nominee for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. But did you notice who came along on victory night? Yep, that’s her: Maria Belen Chapur, the Argentine beauty who stole the former Palmetto State governor’s heart — away from his wife. They say behind every great man is a woman. Well, that’s only half true in this case.

5.) Nuts!: Look, I love a good bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. But Dunkin Donuts has gone overboard with its twist on this American classic. There’s no cheese. Just an egg and some bacon smack in the middle of a glazed donut. If you plan on sinking your teeth into this culinary abomination, be sure to grab a Lipitor and your gym shoes. You’re going to need both. And your head examined.

6.) The Gipper for gays: Patti Davis, the quirky daughter of the former president Ronald Reagan, says her dad would be for same-sex marriage were he alive today. Of course, her half-brother Michael Reagan begs to differ. Anyway, according to the New York Times, Davis gave several reasons why Reagan would have embraced marriage equality, including “his distaste for government intrusion into private lives.” If only the rest of the party that invokes his name at the drop of a hat would follow such logic.

7.) “Nutgers”: The videotaped abuse of Rutgers University basketball players by their coach gave new meaning to March Madness. Although the fact that Rutgers kept Mike Rice on the job until the visual evidence went viral is just madness. Everyone has apologized, from Rice to the athletic director to the university president. Sometimes saying you’re sorry isn’t nearly enough.

8.) “April Fools on all y’all,”: I’m not a fan of April Fools Day, but this little tyke’s antics in the White House Briefing Room had me LOL’ing at my desk. “I’m Kid President and I hope everyone has an awesome day,” Robby Novak said, hamming it up at the lectern. “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.” If he did the briefings every day, I’d totally be there.