AAAAAAAAHH happening in suburban Boston (Jessica Rinaldi/REUTERS) AAAAAAAAHH happening in suburban Boston (Jessica Rinaldi/REUTERS)

When Charles Krauthammer’s column went to digital press last night, Krauthammer could only speculate the rhetorical conundrum President Obama would face if the Boston bombers turned out to be Muslim-flavored terrorists. As PostScript is writing this, it seems the suspects, one of whom is alive, running and hunted,

[As PostScript writes this, the Post’s Caitlin Dewey has found the living one’s Twitter account! It is pretty boring!]

did seem to have some sympathies with fringe radical Islamist groups, if that’s in fact the older one’s YouTube page. The continuing (for now!) manhunt means authorities are guarding information and rumors have been flying — even the Associated Press reported something that hadn’t happened. Media types are loath to jump to conclusions. Muslims or not, what matters, terrorism-wise, is their intent, and nobody has good info on that yet.

But here, in this moment, without good info,

[As PostScript writes this, the police might know what car the suspect is currently in!]

it’s still all we can talk about.

So we do. Krauthammer’s column is where the Opinions dwellers have come to chat right now as PostScript writes this.

[A classmate says he was a pothead!]

Now is the time for us to come together as a nation, support our government and law enforcement. We can point fingers and assign blame later.


I thought Obama was supposed to prevent this from happening.


The fact that no one knows what the message is or was — suggests that it is not terrorism, but “simply” mass murder. If one’s aim is to communicate, one would not make this difficult to find out, especially while the world’s attention is focused on two, now one, persons. Nonetheless, that the city of Boston has closed itself down shows how easy it is to terrorize Americans. If such a thing had happened in Israel, life would simply go on as the police etc chased after the perpetrators. That, not closing down half of the northeast is the proper response to a small bore, if deadly and media centric, attack like this one.



The energy being expended here by the left to distance the implications of the event from Islam would be sufficient to light a small town. And yet, the criminal’s own words make the connection clear. Some people enjoy pain, and cannot get enough.


You got proof it was “Islam” inspired? I don’t. This wouldn’t be an issue if you righties didn’t think that everything going wrong in the world is the fault of the Islamists. You have a tendency to lump them in one category when in fact, there’s nothing wrong with being Islamic, the issue is with radical ones. Just like the radical right – your Timothy McVeigh radical righties.


Seriously? Islamist? What is an Islamist? A Muslim? Why can’t you just use the word terrorist instead of defining these scum by their religion. Lanza was a terrorist too. He terrorized those kids and etched fear in parent’s hearts about sending kids to school and getting teachers to carry guns.


Having no money and having to stick up a store, in order to try and get away, strikes me as two guys who were not smart enough to have made those devices.


Islamic militants P.O’d about their taxes!

[Pakistani police have arrested former president Pervez Musharraf! Sorry, it was time for another news-breaking device, per the writing/comedy rule of three, and there wasn’t anything RIGHT THEN, so PostScript grabbed what was handy.]

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