Just when you thought Mark Sanford had outdone himself, he raises the bar on his own ridiculousness. The lovelorn former South Carolina governor who is now seeking redemption by running for his old congressional seat took out a full-page ad in the Post and Courier of Charleston yesterday that can only be viewed as doubling down on stupidity.

Laurin Manning of the South Carolina Soapbox blog puts Sanford’s already epic tone deafness into perspective in her opening paragraph.

On Sunday, just days after the horrific Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent events that left three people dead, hundreds wounded, and a nation in shock — and just days after the explosion of a Texas fertilizer plant that killed thirteen people and injured hundreds more — Mark Sanford bought a full-page newspaper ad in the print version of Charleston’s Post & Courier to tell us just what a bad week *he* had.

Now, you may recall that last week court papers revealed that Sanford violated a no-trespass provision of his divorce agreement with Jenny Sanford. Well, Sanford reiterated what he said in his statement at the time. He did it “because, as a father, I didn’t think [his 14-year-old son] should sit alone and watch [the Super Bowl].” He went on to say in the newspaper ad, “There are always two sides to every story, and time will tell as to whether I made the right call in that instance as a father.”

How nice that Sanford is concerned about making the right call as a father today when he had no problem abandoning his four boys for his babe in Buenos Aires on Father’s Day weekend of 2009. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Sanford’s mistress, Maria Belen Chapur, is now his fiancee. I would also like to point out that the first time Chapur met two of Sanford’s sons was on stage in front of everyone at the runoff election victory party on April 2. The short-sleeved Sanford son doesn’t even look at her in the photo above.

Sanford then used the rest of the full-page ad to whine about his other campaign travails and beg for money. “I’d like to take all I have learned and apply it to fixing things, but I’m outgunned, outmanned, and outspent by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [DCCC] and Nancy Pelosi’s PAC,” he wrote. Sanford also gives out his personal cell phone number so that he can rebut ethics allegations made against him made by the DCCC.

At no point in his 10-paragraph scribble does Sanford mention that part of the reason he had a “rough week” was because the National Republican Congressional Committee pulled the plug on his campaign. On May 7, the Palmetto State ought to pull the plug on Sanford’s political ambitions.

“If [Sanford] dealt treacherously with his wife before and the state and the people who worked for him,” asked Mac Brunson, senior pastor at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla., “do you think character has changed that much that he’s not going to deal treacherously at some point in the future?” Good question. Given Sanford’s penchant for the ridiculous, it would only be a matter of time.