Is that flag for red or blue America? (Mario Tama/Getty Images) Is that flag for red or blue America? (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

It’s like two different countries up in here, Fred Hiatt writes in his column today. Legislatively, red states and blue states are pulling away from each other radically, making it ever less possible for agreement at the federal level. Hence, our inert government, including a Senate where the members keep reflexively deciding that not only is it not worth cooperating with the other side to pass a bill, it’s not even worth arguing about because we just know we’re never going to agree.

As Hypnic Jerk says in the comments:

It is too easy today to wall yourself off from anyone that you disagree with and just listen to your beliefs fed back to you.
Not much thinking happens in that scenario.

Yes, that is the rap, that it’s far too easy to avoid the other side, culturally. But how then do we explain comments sections such as this very one, in which more than 5,000 voices seek out the other side? Granted, mostly once we find the other side, we want to yell at them…


Who are the main liberal supporters: unions who need preferential treatment, racial preferentialists, welfare supporters, and lawyers, who again need uneven playing fields to survive.


The red-state view is also kept alive by huge amounts of cash supporting the politicians, that comes from industries that want to keep ‘the workers’ dumb. Big Oil and the Koch Bros. don’t want to hear about global warming – and if we can deny evolution, so much the better. Well-read, educated folk are much harder to control (just look at how the South tried to stop education of slaves; hmmmm now why would they do that?)

But that part does seem fun.


Seriously, maybe we’d all be better off if the U.S. divided into several sovereign nations still bound loosely together by trade and defense agreements and a common currency. That way we wouldn’t be at each other’s throats over so many issues like guns, immigration, abortion, etc. Sure, there’d be problems to work out but it could be done. What’s the downside? Would anybody argue that the Serbs, Croats, Slovenes and Bosnians aren’t better off today than when they were all forced to be Yugoslavians?


It’s easier to just crush the diseased “conservative” out of existence. There is no reason for them anymore.


Luckily, we have all the guns!

In fact, some commenters seem to have come here because they know they will get bashed:


Hiatt points out a problem that is exacerbated by the disrespect that the WaPo and its posters show toward their fellow citizens who happen to have a more conservative view of life. WaPo is a prime offender.

… and want to bash back.


RELAX, ok? We’re about to destroy or cripple the GOP for decades to come. They have no “issues” left except abortion.

This is kind of exciting! For the terrible reputation that comments sections have, at the very least we aren’t just declining to engage one another here. It’s quite possible Congress has a lot to learn from The Washington Post’s comments.


We really have to accept that there are some permanently crappy states and a lot of good ones.

And we can all agree on that, right?