The only issue in American politics (Evan Vucci/AP Photo) The only issue in American politics (Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

We’re in this crazy stasis in which Democrats can’t get any governing done at the national level and Republicans can’t win a national election, so we’re just waiting for the next election and have been since 2009.

So, Michael Gerson suggests today, Republicans should expand their visions beyond squashing whatever President Obama wants to do in the next three and a half years and start strategies and policy goals that will attract voters. It’s crazy, but it just might work!

“It would be a final victory for the president if Republicans focused on defeating him rather than on deserving victory,” Michael Gerson concludes in his column.

So, what issues and policies can the Republicans grab such that they are doing things rather than keeping things from getting done?

SPOILER: Nobody in the comments section, at least not in the 2,500 comments that PostScript dutifully read, knows.

Here’s an example:


Thanks to the genuine conservatives in the grass-roots Taxed Enough Already (Tea Party) movement, the GOP is being reformed for the benefit of the USA.

Following another mid-term shellacking of Obama in 2014, the refreshed and reformed GOP will regain the White House in 2016 and begin cleaning up Obama’s disasters and restoring peace, unity and prosperity to the USA and all Americans.

Okay, by doing what?


The GOP is for a health care system that works and does not create a huge new bureaucracy.

robinsuesanders, in direct response to hipshot, who didn’t elaborate further:

The GOP needs to provide some particulars here rather than PR slogans.

The pre-Obamacare system simply did not work for many, many Americans and was the most expensive system in the world without providing the world’s best care to a very large number of Americans if you look at basic statistics such as life expectancy and overall health. And while Obamacare doesn’t do enough to fix many of the systemic problems in our for-profit, employer-provided health care system, it does address some of the more grievous problems.

So–realistically: What does the GOP actively propose as a way to provide affordable health care for all Americans? How do they intend to make sure that the folks who make too much money for Medicaid, but who also have no access to employer provided health insurance AND existing medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, asthma, etc. manage to both FIND and BUY affordable health insurance for themselves and their families?

bobcb thinks Republicans should embrace some farther-left ideas than Obama is willing to, on the grounds that they could be conservative from a certain POV:

Here’s a conservative idea for the GOP to consider. Medicare-For-All. This, done right, could save the U.S. $ 1 Trillion per year and provide “socialized health insurance” for all Americans.

The losers? The parasites in our health care system who waste 1/3 of each health care dollar on things that are totally unrelated to ACTUAL HEALTH CARE.

We pay 18% of GDP for health care while all other advanced countries with “socialized health insurance” pay an average of 11%. That 7% difference in our economy equals $1 trillion annually. There is absolutely nothing we could do that would provide a better return on investment than Medicare-For-All. Besides, it would be the right thing to do.

And flyover22 knows he or she should be looking for solutions and policies, but watching Obama fail is so much more fun:

I would agree, but then again if your opponent is destroying themselves why not step back and enjoy it. All the political, cover, spin, money, and enthusiasm was put into the election. Very little of the election talk was on the success of Obama; most was on the perceived weakness of Romney. And now reality hits. A empty suit who can throw a great party, make a good speech, and never miss a memorial service. The Senate, his Senate, is staring to work around him, eg gun control, a budget before Obama’s, the sequester non action, and the recent sequester action. Waste at the IRS and Medicare is coming out. ObamaCare taxes has started and ObamaCare start-up is a mess. Benghazi and Boston question government’s priorities. The economy is poor and where Obama could run on slow progress, that story may work for four years but not eight.
I think Obama and the Democratic position of increasing spending with accountability has “jumped the shark.”

HGF78 doesn’t think Republicans need more affirmative strategy, because after Obama there are no plausible Democrats left:

Michael does realize that Obama will not have a third term? So exactly who is the Dem’s magical candidate? Shotgun Joe?

PostScript has analyzed all of the comments statistically in much the way that Nate Silver does, except with a little less precision and no standard deviations, and she has come to a conclusion: We’re in this crazy stasis in which Democrats can’t get any governing done at the national level and Republicans can’t win a national election, so we’re just waiting for the next election and have been since 2009.