Lufthansa plane Well, at least one thing is working around here.

Today in continuing failure: Our federal government can’t seem to solve any problem that doesn’t directly prevent them from getting out of Washington. (The one thing they fixed was air traffic gridlock.) On Tuesday, Michael Gerson suggested that the GOP maybe come up with some things to do besides block everything President Obama wants. In Part 2 of our failure series, Dana Milbank suggests that Obama maybe come up with some things to do besides bemoan the fact that the GOP is successfully blocking everything Obama wants.

Str8jackah says that the repetition might finally convince people not already on Obama’s side:

Obama just knows how stupid we, the American people, are so he feels the need to reiterate that the GOP is using their same old smoke and mirrors to further their cause of world deterioration.

bvhi2 thinks Obama should have guessed when he asked for votes that this was the situation he’d be in:

I am not a republican (I am an independent) but Obama is supposed to be a leader and supposed to be in charge. He wanted the job of president, and said he could do the job. He said he was going to fix things and bring the nation together, what a lie. Now we know he has failed big time, and is not a leader!

Johannes Climacus thinks it should matter that Obama has a point about Republicans going out of their way not to work with him:

Articles like this are disingenuous and fail to grasp the magnitude and bad faith of Republican obstructionism. Toomey on the background check filibuster vote:

“In the end it didn’t pass because we’re so politicized. There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it,” Toomey admitted on Tuesday in an interview with Digital First Media editors in the offices of the Times Herald newspaper in Norristown, Pa.

JoeT1 agrees. It’s an impossible situation for Obama:

The real question this poses is how do you lead when the opposing party has decided to oppose everything you do and effectively controls both houses of Congress? His leadership on immigration consists of staying out of it, because the GOP has made it clear that if he supports the Gang of 8 proposal too publicly, Republicans won’t vote for it.
How is it Obama’s fault that no GOP senator can vote for background checks for fear of a Tea Party challenge in their next primary? How exactly do you lead in an atmosphere like that?

michaelsbertrand isn’t interested in Obama’s tough situation, just in how Obama plans to get out of it. Legislative violence?

Yesterday was a sorry spectacle. Would a President Hillary go out there and whine about how she was trying but everything’s just really really hard? Or would she skip the “poor me” routine and actually try to crack some heads, twist some arms and pat some backs to move her agenda forward?

But ehkzu thinks Obama doesn’t have those violent and/or persuasive options:

Nice metaphors. What actual actions do those describe? Lyndon Johnson used earmarks as his bargaining chips, but those have been banned. Nor were the parties so polarized. Read what retiring Republican Olympia Snowe has to say about her party’s intransigence. The President has few if any levers to pull, and no other Democratic president would either.

TimToomey (relation?) says the option Obama does have is to tack to the center to pick up moderate Republican votes…

At every step of the way Obama has modified things to draw Republican votes. Where is the public option in health care? Rejected by Obama for Republican support. The stimulus? One third of it tax cuts to gain Republican support.
It is rather obvious that it doesn’t matter at all what Obama does. Republicans are going to vote no.

…And FergusonFoont says that has alienated the base that believed in Obama, the people who will have to agitate for his causes since Congress can’t be budged:

Obama has betrayed his base, thus destroying the ground on which he would need to stand to exercise any power.

It is a bed he has made for himself. We were ready to go to the wall for him, but he did not reciprocate the favor. We gave him the power, and he just frittered it away.

The very best thing I can say for him is that he was a better choice than either of his opponents. Given the nature of his opponents, that is faint praise indeed.

We voted for FDR. We got Bob Dole instead.

LeoMarius has no expectation any of this will change until the Republicans either totally gain or totally lose power…

Obama will never get anything done as long as Republicans control the House, and that is exactly how Republicans want it. From January 2009, when they all voted against trying to save the economy from the Great Bush Crash of 2008, it has been obvious that their overriding goal is to delay any action until they control all the levers of government again, whether that be in 2013 or 2053.
Until Republicans are shown that the public will not stand for obstructionism, obstructionism is the only thing Republicans will stand for.

…And bbface21 makes a pretty good point that it doesn’t seem to matter that Obama won the election, does it:

Getting reelected is irrelevant in light of how Obama continues to make a mess of things, and that Biden has the personal relationships with Congress to get things done.

So yes, just as we confirmed yesterday, everything will apparently stay dysfunctional until 2014’s elections. But at least the planes will run on time.