We haven’t heard much from the president on climate change since his 2013 State of the Union address, when he threatened the American people and their elected representatives that if they didn’t sufficiently rally to the global warming cause he would take action on his own. Well, since that taunt, there has been an absence of any proposal on climate change that Republicans or anyone else could take seriously.

So what fills the vacuum? Well, in the last few days, Organizing for Action, Obama’s political-campaign-turned-advocacy group, released an amateurish ad that gratuitously slanders congressional Republicans – with complete fabrications — for “voting that climate change was a hoax.” The ad is so deceitful that it produces more eye-rolling than anger.

But if that’s not enough to prove how unserious Democrats are being, there’s currently a resolution being promoted by Democrats in the House that argues if we don’t do what the left says about global warming it will begin to encourage prostitution. I’m not going to go into detail on this ridiculous nonsense, but read this link if you think I’m kidding or if you want to know more.

It’s not just the cooler weather over the last decade that’s killing any chance of doing something about “man-made climate change,” it’s also this administration’s complete lack of energy, enthusiasm and earnestness for truly embracing an “all of the above” energy strategy.

While government-backed green energy companies from Solyndra to Fisker go bankrupt, the administration still has not approved the Keystone Pipeline extension. The very fact that this job-creating pipeline, which could plausibly provide cheaper, safer, North American energy, is still left in limbo offends common sense. Instead of it being matter-of-factly approved, it’s inexplicably not happening. When individuals ranging from Yoko Ono to Boston billionaire Tom Steyer seem to be carrying the day in opposing the pipeline, it is ridiculous to suggest that the delay is anything other than an anti-growth, anti-free market exercise.

The Keystone Pipeline doesn’t do anything to harm the environment, and we can’t just pretend that the oil sands are not going to be developed. Fewer greenhouse gases will be emitted if the pipeline transfers oil to America than if it is put on tankers and hauled to China. Not to mention, the thousands and thousands of miles of pipeline already in place across the United States puts the lie to the notion that this pipeline is somehow unique.

Is the Obama presidency withering before our very eyes? That’s too big a question for today, but if you just take a look at what has happened since the president’s 2013 State of the Union, it’s hard not to believe that this administration is suffering from self-inflicted gridlock. Nothing about what Republicans have done or want to do prohibits the president and the Democrats from making serious proposals.