Economy People wait in line last month at a career fair. (Associated Press)

Only a polite golf clap is warranted for the April jobs report. A “golf clap” is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “exaggeratedly quiet clapping intended as a show of sarcastic support or disdain,” although it is “increasingly being used to mean a sincere show of appreciation.”

Republicans should resist the urge to look for the bad news in today’s unemployment report. The numbers are better than what most had feared, and that is a good thing. Republicans should also avoid the mealy mouth whining and predictable talking points that say, “Well this month’s job numbers aren’t so bad, but….”

So where does that leave us?

Voters believe America is in a recession. The only robust thing about the Obama economy is the stock market. And a bull market is a good thing, too. It’s ironic that so far President Obama’s second term has been sizzling for equity investors. Obama and the Democrats never tailored a single policy or campaigned on any promise to juice the stock market. The nearly free money the government is printing is finding its way into stocks because there is no other place for it to go. The one bright spot in the economy is a byproduct of economic steroids being injected into a very sick economy. And Obama claims this as a success, even though the market rise is a boon for the 1 percent that he and the Democrats so openly despise. If you wanted to actively try and make income inequality worse in America, you would do exactly what the Obama Administration is doing.

The president has just been lucky so far. America is limping along at home and abroad. Our situation is fragile and there are no policies driving us toward real economic growth or healthy job creation.  No one should be breathing a sigh of relief today.