Ahh, it’s good to be back in the PostScript bunker after PostScript spent a week on a fact-finding mission traveling the country watching people talk to each other in real life, face to face, with no apparent animosity. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

The consulate, post attack. (Mohammad Hannon, AP Photo) The compound, post attack. (Mohammad Hannon/Associated Press)

And it’s great to be back for one of the all-time great bunker topics: Benghazi! Yes, PostScript also just had a little cardiac event at the mention of its name.

Benghazi (shorthand for a terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, in which an ambassador and three other members of the diplomatic mission died) keeps unraveling details such as the terrorists torched the consulate with stuff that released cyanide gas when burned. But that is not the sort of detail the people want, as Dana Milbank wrote in a column on the testimony of a top U.S. diplomat who was nearby at the time of the attack. People want a coherent narrative that dooms their political enemies and proves them right about everything. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Moral Indignation) promised damaging revelations against former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and, by extension, the Obama administration. The diplomat did not oblige, Milbank writes, as compelling as his testimony was.

checkforthetruth sums up commenter disappointment:

The Issa hearings yesterday produced no new information which altered an any major way what we already knew about Benghazi.

Well, shoot. How will we in the Bunker use a twisty good story that nevertheless fails to damn anyone’s political enemies (except maybe al-Qaeda)?

bls2011 has a way. Since the hearings haven’t been able to doom Obama, they are rebounding back to make Issa look dangerously petty:

I am sure the terrorists who perpetrated this act are all very delighted that the GOP has chosen to make this into a political witch-hunt instead of focusing on them.

cliffc1 says Congress is to blame for future attacks for focusing so single-mindedly on blame for this one:

As long as politicians remain in the “who shot John” mode the real problems will never be addressed or resolved.  What happened in Benghazi is tragic for a number of reasons and the Congress is one of them. Stop the blame game for what has occurred for over fifty years and focus on how to prevent recurrences. There is where American interest is truly focused, find the cure and the causes will go away all on their own. The real question should always be what will be done to ensure that tragedies like Benghazi never again recur.  That is the real congressional mandate.

lbataille55 uses this development as a broad indictment of the liberal media for not covering the story:

Be happy. Most of the left-leaning media is ignoring this, just as they are ignoring the abortion doctor’s trial. It’s a form of censorship, of course.

njglea uses it as an indictment of a spineless media for covering the story:

It is simply unacceptable for the major press to allow Republicans to bring this issue up again purely for political reasons.

bbface21 agues that his or her side is better behaved than the other:

I find it interesting that it’s the lefties who are the ones making this as political (if not even more so) as has the GOP House.

independentcandor is convinced this is even bigger than Issa thinks.

Benghazi was Obama’s American sacrifice to increase his credibility with his Muslim Brotherhood pals. Obama is a serious problem and should be impeached and imprisoned.

In other words, commenters aren’t so disappointed after all in the lack of new information to help their arguments. Lack of new information is just what we needed. No new information means we were right yesterday, and probably will be tomorrow.