Congressional hearings on Benghazi last week (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Congressional hearings on Benghazi last week (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

In surveying Benghazimania, Jackson Diehl finds a classic Washingtonian scandal of the sort that generates much, much more talk than action. He recalls Plame-gate, which created a similar amount of conversation and books and cable TV while ultimately not having much result. Washington just really, really likes its outrage, whether it leads anywhere or not.

But Benghazi beats the pants off Plamegate in internet comments. Diehl gets 3,000 and counting for his scandal comparison, which in turn create several avenues of outrage.

There’s some leftover outrage over Plame-stravaganza, as you can see here:


Wait a minute — Diehl is trying to show that the Wilson-Plame incident is equal to Benghazi? After going to Niger at the CIA’s request, Wilson DID NOT find that Niger was sending yellowcake uranium to Iraq. He WAS correct that the Bush administration had exaggerated, aka lied, about Iraq’s nuclear weapon program — or lack thereof. Dick Armitage DID out Valerie Plame as a covert CIA agent, and it was obvious that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were behind it. Cheney’s Chief of Staff Lewis Libby was the fall guy and was convicted of four felony counts. There was a scandal and coverup.


Another phony scandal? As I recall Scooter Libby was convicted based on subsequent events in that “phony” scandal. This one is just as “phony” but with four more dead.

There’s outrage about the Lamestream media!


Wilson’s accusations were “grossly exaggerated, or simply false”. And, yet the media covered the incident daily from beginning to end, promoted it on behalf of the left and rather than admit that they were wrong, they just stopped covering the story. The media treatment of Hicks, on the other hand, is far different. Question his credibility early. End of story.

There’s outrage about the concentration of outrage on this topic!


How about focusing on a real scandal? The dismantling of the middle class in the land of the free. Theft of retirement funds through financial manipulation. Loss of jobs. Loss of homes.

SeekingTheTruth responds that it’s all in fact the same outrage:

That too. All you said and Benghazi are connected. We have an amateurish, incompetent government.
They are also liars.

cbl55 rolls his or her eyes at all the outrage spent on unproductive blame:

I often wonder why people in this town believe so strongly that there’s ‘gold left in them thar hills’ of blame, and fail to explore proven, mineral-rich deposits of actually fixing what’s wrong with intelligence failures in the first place. Anybody who’s worked in foreign affairs understands the need for first-rate intelligence but also knows just how much time, energy and intelligence is simply wasted because review panels and higher-ups want pablum to pick over to cover their rear ends and avoid controversy. The good stuff often gets thrown away or ignored, sometimes out of laziness, but often because people mistakenly think it will invite the crazies in Congress to slather even more than usual. And who wants to screw with crazy people anyway?

faithfulservant3 does the same, but focuses on foreign policy rather than intelligence gathering:

No Jackson, the focus should be the ill-fated decision to intervene with our military in Libya in the first place–perhaps our biggest foreign policy blunder since the Iraq invasion. We have Clinton and Rice primarily to blame for rolling the president on this one. Too bad former Sec. of Defense Gates didn’t stick to his “guns” in calling further US interventions in the Middle East foolish. As for McCain and many of his colleagues, they still think the Tonkin Gulf resolution was valid.

lcmc4, too!

What amazes me is the total lack of focus on the salient issue here, which is on the lack of security in Benghazi. It really doesn’t matter WHY the attack happened. What matters is that 4 people ended up dead, because they were inadequately protected. But hey, keep harping on Susan Rice’s talking points.

kick1 thinks the outrage warranted, and that the eyerollers are deluding themselves, but know the truth:

Barack Obama is going to prison for the rest of his life for his legion of crimes against the American People. 

He knows it. You know it. We all know it.

That’s a LOT of self-delusion. But kick1 knows it.

And aBragg argues that in our own way, all of us on this comment page attacked the compound in Benghazi:

Another way to look at the Benghazi scandal, nonscandal. The government is us, as president Obama said. Did any of us think that Libya was an extremely dangerous place? When members of the administration said Libya was too dangerous for America to put boots on the ground, did we think to give our ambassador more security?
We killed Ambassador Stevens by not providing the security. Benghazi was the result. It is not a political thing now. We are the government.

PostScript is pretty sure that post will outrage everybody. Happy Monday, everyone!