Tornado in Oklahoma City (AP/Courtesy KWTV) Tornado in Oklahoma City (AP/Courtesy KWTV)

The tornado that ground its way through Moore, Okla., was massive. Some estimates put it at a mile wide. The video of the storm as it cut its destructive path seemed unending. And when it was over and the clouds cleared, the devastation was widespread. Houses were shredded. Motor vehicles were tossed about. Two elementary schools were obliterated. Seeing the live pictures coming out of the area, Linda Cavanaugh, anchor for KFOR television, gave voice to the anguish gripping the suburbs of Oklahoma City. “Your heart hurts looking at these images,” she said. Back in 1999, another tornado followed a similar path through Moore packing wings of 318 m.p.h. Further proof of the cruelty of Mother Nature.

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