Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell appears with an opinion piece on our page today. He argues that the IRS and AP scandals are part of a pattern with the Obama administration’s push for the disclosure of political donors. Once the political donors — corporations, potential government contractors, etc. — are public knowledge, they are vulnerable to public and private backlash.

Speaking of which, it is striking how few people in this anonymous, free-ish speech forum wish to say nice things to the Senate minority leader. In real life, PostScript is sure many people are nice to Sen. McConnell, but if PostScript spent most of yesterday alarmed at how much commenters dislike journalists, she was knocked on her elbows at today’s free speech.

PostScript doesn’t wish to reproduce the most personal insults commenters have for the senator — a LOT of people enjoy comparing his appearance to various objects and animals. Okay, PostScript has a weakness for this one, absent context:


McConnell thinks tumblr is a cup.

Even people who would seem to be sympathetic to the senator’s ideology are critical.


McConnell, you are 4 years and 4 months late. Impeach and convict RIGHT NOW!

And many commenters wanted to argue with the senator’s characterization of the consequences of making political donation records public.


“Expose your opponents to public view.” Only McConnell could make this sound bad. We have a right to find out who’s trying to buy an election, from both sides. If it wasn’t for a biased Supreme Court, we would know who they are.


Everyone who donates to any political cause needs to disclose their names. How else do we as voters know who is behind an issue. I want to know who supports or opposes a politician or a cause before I vote.


Transparency is the key to protecting the First Amendment rights of Americans. America is a country where everyone is able to express themselves. Along with that right comes a responsibility to be accountable for what was expressed. Concealing donors and members prevents the accountability. Say whatever you want. But stand proud. Don’t snipe from the shadows.

Note that quite possibly this commenter has used his or her real-life name! Way to not snipe from the shadows.


The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, but it never guaranteed anonymity.

2Funny admits to the sort of behavior embraced by the “liberal thugs” of Sen. McConnell’s oped  — punishing a company for its on-the-record political activity:

I do not patronize Home Depot since the CEO decided to make his political views public in the last election. That is the kind of thing they are afraid of.

cfeher is sort of proud:

Unleash the liberal thugs? Goodness gracious. Who knew I was a liberal thug? I just want to know who owns my politicians.

As is LarryinTX:

I had no idea that I could be a thug! I need to start working out. I’m twenty pounds overweight and weak as light beer!

But PostScript did find someone who agreed with and supported this column, even anonymously. And even with exclamation marks. Take us home, MissButterfly:

Reading the negative comments below, one can see why this country is in trouble. You people are beyond stupid. Useful idiots, maybe?
Good column, Sen. McConnell! Now let’s roll to do something about this!