Bachmann on Capitol Hill in April (Alex Wong/Getty Images) Michele Bachmann on Capitol Hill in April (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Well, we won’t have Michele Bachmann to kick around anymore, as Dana Milbank writes today, using her video not-running-again announcement’s bizarre stylistic choices and fervent, extremely dubious statements about why she has to resign now as a microcosm of the whole long, strange trip of Bachmann in the public eye. She assures us that it’s not FBI investigations or an uphill reelection battle that will deprive us of another Bachmann term, but her concern for this country. And her limitless future.

Despite not quite knowing what to make of Bachmann, the comments section loves her as a topic, as you can see from the almost 2,500 comments on Milbank’s piece. It always interests PostScript when the comments section is extremely lopsided, as it is in this case. Almost nobody in the comments is sorry to see Bachmann go, or is glad she served.

In short, almost all the comments were along the lines of jheath53‘s:

One wonders whether Bachmann actually believes all the silly things she says, or just says them to help stir up the bigotry, fear and paranoia of the kind of people who support her.

Did she actually believe that HPV vaccine can cause mental retardation, or did she just repeat what one of her nutjob supporters told her, knowing that other nutjob supporters like to have their paranoid fears affirmed?

It’s not like Bachmann is some backwoods hillbilly with no education. She’s got a law degree. It’s hard to believe that someone with a degree in higher education would actually believe the crap that she and the rest of the radical right peddle on a daily basis.

At one point, a Republican primary voters poll gave her the lead with 24 percent support in the 2012 presidential election, but as Milbank points out, her career was mostly about public statements she made that correspond to some other reality than this one. So why has she been so successful?

soreloser thinks she’s a good person:

We all know Michele B. is a good and faithful person. She just doesn’t have the liberal media seal of approval. The demos love to try and market their people as celebrities but they are just people as flawed as anyone else. It’s a double standard.

clownking is ambiguously glad she’s there:

The Republican party needs more Michele Bachmanns!

Winchester is too, less ambiguously:

It was Bachmann and Fox News that gave us our wonderful President. Kudos to them. Keep it up.

jrc_mrc is glad that she irritated Milbank (Based on this column at least, Milbank seems, at least to PostScript, less irritated and more amazed how little she cared about accuracy.):

Our liberals, progressives, commies, sozies, eco-Nazis, Democrats, and other bottom feeders and scum of this country are sighing from relief that Mme Bachman is retiring; hopefully she will run for governor of her state – just to irritate komrad Milbank if for nothing else. One can see how effective she was by the sigh of relief emanating from the Washington Pravda – sorry, I meant Post.

So: Good person. Causes newspaper fact checkers to write columns checking her facts. Those appear to be the main reasons anyone in the comments sections is glad Bachmann has been a congresswoman since 2007.

Another Contrarian thinks she was unfairly maligned by the press, since everybody in politics says something ridiculous now and again:

I don’t know if Ms. Bachmann’s confused statements are any worse than president Obama’s 57 states comment. I think the main difference is Ms. Bachmann is singled out by the press for lampooning while the president is generally excused and defended, all based on political persuasion. Simple, they like Obama and hate Bachmann based on ideology. When any public figure speaks often they will say things that are wrong, like confusing Concord’s or the number of states. but that is always emphasized if they are Conservative and minimized if they are liberal.

PostScript might buy this to an extent, but what about Bachmann’s statement about the HPV vaccine, which was based on nothing, which she never apologized for, which she might still believe, which probably will have real-world consequences in the area of women getting cancer in the future? Nobody thinks Obama actually believes there are 57 states, but Bachmann seems to believe in some of her sillinesses, or doesn’t seem to care if they are true; she seems to think she’s a better person for sticking by what she says even when it’s wrong. Why should we not condemn someone who seems to have utter contempt for the truth, and …

Okay, PostScript sees jrc_mrc’s point. Bachmann does indeed irritate the liberal media. Hooray! You totally win, people who think the most important thing is irritated newspaper writers.