Adam Kokesh (Michael Williamson/The Washington Post) Adam Kokesh (Michael Williamson/The Washington Post)

The nutty gun march that was planned for Washington on July 4 is off. Adam Kokesh, the armed protest’s organizer, is now calling on folks to take their demonstrations to all 50 state capitols. This is what we call a face-saving maneuver.

Kokesh wanted to lead a merry band of marchers with guns openly slung across their backs from Arlington National Cemetery across the Memorial Bridge to the Capitol, the Supreme Court and the White House and then back to Virginia. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier made it clear that Kokesh and company wouldn’t get very far. “There’s a pretty good chance we’ll meet them on the D.C. side of the bridge,” she said earlier this month. That’s because District law makes it illegal to carry a gun openly or concealed within its borders.

“Please don’t come to Washington, D.C.,” Kokesh told Pete Santilli in an interview aired on May 28. Calling for an “an appeal to the state level,” Kokesh said, “We shouldn’t be begging the federal government to change, we shouldn’t be hoping that they respect our rights because it’s clear that they don’t.”

“A lot of people have raised criticism about, well, you can’t just end the federal government. Well you can’t keep it going either. Look at it, it’s going to collapse under its own weight,” Kokesh said. “We are an empire in decline and if we don’t do something about this now, like an orderly peaceful dissolution, it’s going to be a chaotic collapse.”

When you have folks who believe this coming for a march on Washington with guns (5,270 RSVPs, as of this writing), nothing good will come of it. Kokesh has done us all a favor by calling off his ill-advised protest.

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