Rep. Darrell Issa, whom Robinson calls out for immaturity (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) Rep. Darrell Issa, whom Robinson calls out for immaturity (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon. PostScript can’t think of anything more refreshing and relaxing than a nice 5,000-comment piece about congressional Republicans being silly. Eugene Robinson and commenters have obliged her with Robinson’s column today, in which he writes that governing seems to be way less important to the Republicans in Congress than saying nasty things about President Obama.

People who agree with Robinson do so with gusto:


The American people will finally see that the Republican Party has put all of its rotten eggs in the basket of Hate.
Irrationality is attractive and interesting, like a car accident, but it cannot govern.
The GOP has put so much energy into trying to make President Obama look bad that it has become nothing but an empty shell.
The Republican party has told so many lies — and applauded the concepts of people dying without health insurance and women giving birth to attackers’ offspring — that it is simply absurd that it continues to portray itself as a Conservative and Christian party.

Some agree but don’t see any purpose to calling out House Republicans’ behavior:


Sadly, what Woodette predicts is not happening very quickly. Some people think the R’s will take back the senate next election. I see a lot of ranting in columns, but I don’t see republican losses that knock them out of the game or genuinely, severely impact the party. They seem to be spluttering along just fine, regardless of what pundits write. And more’s the pity.

People from the other side of the political spectrum seem happy with the effects of the behavior Robinson decries. Governing IS less important than saying nasty things about the President:


Obama can provide nothing but a corrupt Government as the coming investigations will show beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And fumant, who hopes Obama will be held to account, says the Republicans are undermining themselves into irrelevance in their way of going after him:

What the Teabillies don’t understand is that now that they’ve turned the GOP into a lunatic asylum, Obama gets a free pass in more ways than they can possibly grasp.

Commenters were so relaxed and pleased at this chance to communicate that something happened that PostScript doesn’t think has happened before!


I am going to arrange a WAPO Commenters Meet Up… how great would that be? Who’s in?


If you’re in NYC, sure.


Better go armed.

Which also enabled some musical theater references, rounding out this Platonic ideal of comments sections. Play us out, ghinnova!

Sharks and Jets. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, and witty, and bright…