In 1999 In 1999, the world was black and white. (Warner Bros.)

It’s a Republican Party like it’s 1999 in Dana Milbank’s column today, with Republicans in Congress making a hue and cry over inflated Democratic presidential scandals because they don’t know what else to do. We were all younger then, and silly and wearing enormous pants, but those pants fit us better now. It is a more weighty time.

Milbank suggests the Republicans’ goal is to distract the nation from an improving economy while simultaneously not having to propose legislation that would make some people in their party unhappy, such as immigration reform. And some commenters take this and run with it: the late ’90s were pretty nice, and if legislating is off the table, investigations are a good move politically, even if not exactly what the people want:


When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. The GOP has no agenda. They don’t have the support of the American people. They don’t even have a coherent argument for their service in government. All they have is control of congressional committees, so everything is a scandal to be investigated.


This is entirely logical behavior given their position. They cannot pass legislation they want, because they only have 45% of the Senate and 0% of the White House, thus killing any major Republican initiatives. They have sworn a blood oath not to let Obama succeed, so they cannot pass legislation that will pass the Democratic Senate and White House.


Granting the Republicans are abdicating responsibility, but The Democrats might want to remember who won the election in 2000. The mere fact that the Republicans are engaging in non-substantive blather does not mean that the strategy won’t work.

While pturner1976 says it is exactly what the people want, except for the Mexican socialists, which . . . wait, what?

Opposition and obstruction of the progressive agenda is exactly what Republicans were elected to do. Don’t like it? Import more Mexican Socialists, Maybe they can move into red areas and kick us out of office.

exbrown counters that “Mexican socialists” WILL help the Democratic Party, but only because Republicans will use that term and other weird, off-putting things rather than change themselves:

Thinking like “import[ing] more Mexican Socialists” is what lost the Republicans the last Presidential election and will continue Republicans losing national elections.

Some commenters think now is worse than 1999:


Seriously, I wish for the GOP of 1999. At least they negotiated and compromised occasionally. They helped pass a few bills too. Now isn’t that novel?


But in 1999 the President had actually done something wrong. Granted the Republicans overreached with their reaction. This time, no evidence that the President has done anything wrong and still Republicans are hysterical.

But marknelso finds the very fact that there isn’t any clear evidence yet damning Obama to be . . . damning:

The fact is the White House has done everything it could to prevent the facts from coming out, and we still have unanswered many basic questions related to all three of these scandals.

Speaking of 1999 and unanswered questions, if The Matrix was designed to lull people into a false reality so their energy could be harvested, why would that totally fabricated reality be so unsatisfying? Why program in ennui?