Barack Obama traveling to Africa The reason for the (silly) season (Jason Reed/Reuters)

PostScript began this week thinking she had hit upon an essential change in the Post Opinions commenting landscape. Guessing that a few low-comment-count days were a sign of things to come, she thought the paywall — as it’s being “phased in,” though she doesn’t quite know what that means, since as a subscriber she’s already over the paywall — was keeping casual commenters out and spurring the remaining intense commenters to be more intense in each column, since access to each column costs more now.

But comment count went back up over the next few days, so that was wrong. George Will’s column is over 4,000 comments already. Will’s column is so widely clicked upon that the first link below it under “Read more about this issue” has also landed on the most-read list for today, even though that link is over a month old, and it’s a different writer, Mr. Charles Krauthammer.

But both columns are about the columnist’s dumbfounded disdain for President Obama’s latest actions. Will, long past declaring Obama’s second term a failure, is now wondering if “silly” or “scary” will better characterize the next three-and-a-half years. His current beef is with Obama’s Berlin speech about Syria and nuclear weapons, which betrays, Will writes, a combination of naivete, weak humor, profound presidential incompetence and just being wrong wrong wrong.

But it’s a Friday, and the very first day of silly season, and while a few feints toward Will’s premises show up in the comments, the majority are…personal. The commenters are broadly arguing about whether Obama or Republicans suck more, but they mostly seem to be talking about each other and their comments. Some wonder whether others are disingenuous, paid shills…


You’ve got to love these little college graduate trolls working for minimum wage cutting and pasting all over the place. Oh, well, someone’s got to pay off those ridiculous $30,000 student loans.

Some wonder whether others are are even, technically, human …


Reading the Obambot comments on this page is hilarious; none of them even attempt to rebut the substance of Will’s column, it’s all barely literate ad hominem and non sequitur.

Now Obamabots, after you’ve read this and put your cognitive dissonance to bed with some brutish name calling, I’ll start you up again: George Bush is dumb, Cheney is Darth Vader duuuhhhh.

… whether they are trying to create an alternate reality:


What’s funny is that Obama is nowhere near as unpopular as Bush the Lesser was in his second term, but the wingnuts are desperately clinging to the delusion that somehow it’s all collapsing and Obama is dragging down the Democratic party.

…whether they are disingenuous shills who are actually unpaid…


It appears that a lot of Democratic interns have the day off and are posting on the WAPO.

…whether they hate America and everyone…


No need to even read the hatefest going on here — so much hate, so much ugliness so little time I guess. Can’t figure out how these haters make it through the day carrying around such a large burden as the hate they carry — With any luck it will be their demise. I’m outta here, going somewhere where people actually have discussions rather than just a lot of wingers spewing hate, disrespect and anti-American views.

…whether they are collectively a monolith…


Well, this turned into an “I hate Obama” blog really quickly…

…whether their arguments matter at all…


That settles it, I will not vote for Obama in 2016.

…whether they are interesting…

tw46 again

Washington Post comments devolves into Twitter, snark and all. Bye, kids. Too boring.

…whether they actually exist…

kick1 again

Obama’s trolls have all but vacated the Internet. And after government offices close for the day there are zero Obama trolls here or anywhere else. Same on weekends. These days I can’t find a single person who will admit they voted for Obama.

…whether they are unemployed basement-dwellers…


That’s because they have jobs that pay real money as opposed to living in their parents’ basement.

…and whether we should all meet up for a drink somewhere:


I’d love to sit down for lunch with you libs. What a lively time that would be! Bye.

Sounds great! Long as johnnie_walker_blue covers the first round.