Dr. Vincent Di Maio (Joe Burbank/Associated Press) Dr. Vincent Di Maio (Joe Burbank/Associated Press)

Without question, the confident testimony of Dr. Vincent Di Maio was a boon for the defense of George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin. During lengthy questioning, the forensic pathologist testified that the gunshot wound suffered by the unarmed 17-year-old supports the neighborhood watch volunteer’s self-defense claim. Di Maio also said that Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with his claim that Trayvon slammed the defendant’s head into the sidewalk.

Di Maio was no Shiping Bao, the Volusia and Seminole County medical examiner whose shifting testimony last Friday was as frustrating for the defense as it was for the prosecution. Still, state attorney Bernie de la Rionda got Di Maio to talk about the $2,400 he was being paid by the defense to testify as an expert witness. The prosecutor got Di Maio to admit that it was possible Trayvon was pulling away from Zimmerman. And then de la Rionda got another interesting answer that flew right under the radar.

De la Rionda: Do you know if George Zimmerman is right-handed or left?

Di Maio: Right-handed.

That caught my attention, especially as one of the next images to come on my computer screen was an image of Zimmerman taking notes with his left hand. Throughout the trial, I have seen Zimmerman writing on a notepad with his left hand (see one image here).

Yesterday, Mark Ostermann testified that he and Zimmerman have practiced shooting with their “non-dominant” hands. “Whichever hand can get to the firearm, that’s the one you would use,” Osterman told the court. If Zimmerman’s “non-dominant” hand is the right one then why did the defense’s expert witness testify that Zimmerman was right-handed? After Di Maio’s very confident time on the stand, was that just a slip of the tongue?

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