Every Republican wants to see more Cheney DNA in the party, and Liz Cheney would be great in the Senate. Once elected, she would be an effective voice for the national party and an instant contender for the national party ticket. Who wouldn’t want to see Liz Cheney in the Senate? Well, maybe the GOP rank-and-file party regulars and the stalwart party leadership from the state of Wyoming don’t want to see her in the Senate. We will see.

Everybody wants to defer to the former vice president, but telling a successful, effective and very well-respected senator to make way for someone who will be more appealing on the Sunday news talk shows and more ambitious on the national stage is being viewed by many as bad form. Cheney’s celebrity muscle may have met its match in the good-natured, homespun character of Mike Enzi. Not many GOP regulars in Washington will say so out loud, but in the last few days many of the party faithful have been intimating that Liz Cheney is making a mistake. She certainly has the right to run, but whether or not it is wise to do so remains to be seen.