It is interesting to watch how some of the president’s allies in the media are trying to explain away the metastasis that is occurring in the Obama White House. The left-wing apologencia has a new way of excusing President Obama’s inability to lead or govern. According to them, on issues from Egypt to health care to immigration to gun control, it isn’t that the president’s plans are poorly executed, non-existent or that they fizzle; it turns out the president wields a “hidden hand.” He is steering the ship and he does have a plan, but he chooses to keep his control of things hidden. No less than the New York Times tells us so. Anyway, the left, via the Times, wants us to know that the apparent White House ineffectiveness on issues ranging from Syria to healthcare is actually “a calculated presidential approach.”

President Obama once claimed in a “60 Minutes” interview that his accomplishments are only surpassed by those of former presidents Johnson, FDR and Lincoln. In an effort to right-size this delusional boast, the White House’s current spin is that the president has actually been channeling Ike. Yep, and the similarity doesn’t just manifest itself in this president’s robust appetite for golf. The Times tells us that according to “some,” Mr. Obama’s approach and management style is like that of President Eisenhower. That’s right, Barack Obama has a lot in common with the five-star general, commander of the Allied forces in WWII and 34th president.

The Obama apologencia wants you to think that everything that happens or doesn’t happen is part of a plan. Does anybody blush when they write this stuff? Does the White House think anyone will believe it? Do they even believe it?

While the Times is trying to make excuses for the president, the more clear-eyed and less fawning Politico forthrightly asks, “Does President Obama have a second-term strategy?”

I’ve wondered out loud for months how detached and intellectually honest this president really is, and if the White House as a whole is sufficiently self-aware. Nothing about what has happened so far in President Obama’s second term and nothing that I’ve heard about his plans or goals going forward suggests that this administration is in a hurry to achieve anything or feels any pressure to change its aimless, wandering course. The MSM can’t enable the White House and protect the president forever.