Sen. Ted Cruz, unafraid of a shutdown (Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press) Senator Ted Cruz, unafraid of a shutdown (Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo)

The current plan among some Republicans in Congress for finally, for real this time, definitely, truly, stopping future implementations of Obamacare is to threaten to shut down the government, as Dana Milbank describes today. Apparently some are willing — or willing to appear willing — to cancel or at least heartily mess up all other government spending in order to defund Obamacare before most of it kicks in. To Milbank, the threat itself is proof that such Republicans are not interested in governing at all, as they use up the last of their work days for awhile without getting appropriations bills passed in order to be able to shut down the government, in order to be able to threaten one law in particular.

teejackson_93 argues that, irresponsible or not, this might be the only way to shut down Obamacare, since Republicans have tried everything else:

This bill has been debated through Congress and passed by elected representatives of the American people. It has been signed by the President of the United States. It has been argued before and upheld by the Supreme Court. Every branch of our government has touched the darned thing. Can we please move on to new business now?!

VaGreg is tired of these freeloaders:

[Stalling Congresspeople] are just a set of welfare queens collecting government money for not working.

glaucomatose suggests that the strategy amounts to extortion, conditionally approves, and suggests that President Obama does the same:

I quite like this strategy. Obama should announce that he’ll launch our entire nuclear arsenal randomly around the world unless the GOP agrees to universal background checks on gun purchases.

But tpaine1 hopes Obamacare does go into full effect, so it can be fought in the courts again:

The ObamaCare Tax, like McCain-Feingold before it, will die a death of “a thousand cuts.” Soon as I pay my first tax bill, I’m filing a class action lawsuit and so will millions of other Americans.

DOps doesn’t think Congressional Republicans have much choice — if they fail again at something they’ve spent so much attention on, voters will lose faith in their abilities:

The GOP is placing a big bet on their ObamaCare gambit. There are some things in health care that are out of whack and need fixing — If they don’t have a compelling alternative and soon, ObamaCare will simply morph into pervasive and persistent reality and rapidly be too big to let fail.
If they want to lead, the GOP should be seen as leaders here or they will lose the war for the sake of winning small battles.

And three commenters welcomed the talk of shutting the government down, as it will remind people why the government is so important:

cdierd1944 says it’s the only way to crush small-government ideology utterly:

If the Republicans want to shut down government to thwart the will of the majority of voters, my only hope is that they really do it rather than some symbolic gestures. Let’s stop the FAA, FDA, USDA, DOD, DVA, IRS, SSA, Medicare/Medicaid, and so forth from operating. Also, lets send home the congressional staffs that do all the thinking behind these schemes. Than lets see if the people support this “conservative agenda.” There is no reasoning with the House of Representatives. Let’s do it!


Do it, guys, do it. Follow your principles. Show the American people what you really believe and where your priorities lie, so that they may finally realize that you’re criminal scum who are willing to destroy the country if you don’t get your way.


The Dems should counter with “You want a shutdown? Fine. We’ll do a REAL shutdown!” No Social Security payments. No Medicare payments. No Medicaid payments. No veterans’ payments. No government retiree payments. No military payroll. No FAA air traffic controller paychecks – so all airlines will be grounded. No paychecks for customs or border control – so no goods or people can enter or exit the country. No paychecks for any government employee – including Congress, FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, ATF, etc.

Allow PostScript some extended metaphor. If this is a hostage crisis, the fugitive is threatening to shoot the hostage, and the hostage negotiators are saying, cool, go ahead, so we can get you for murder. Which is why PostScript is making a rope out of her hair and heading out the window.