Sandra Fluke (Alex Wong/Getty Images) New Democratic celebrity Sandra Fluke (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Sandra Fluke keeps sending me e-mails.

Okay, these e-mails don’t actually contain the type of Weiner-esque Democratic electronic solicitations that are suitable for disclosure only on “The Dirty.” But her messages could be considered provocative. In her latest e-mail, she said she wants me to meet her for a “chat” in San Francisco. Actually, her e-mails are all about money. With a pretentiousness so blatant it’s entertaining, Fluke is trying to convince me to give money to Democratic candidates.

Political fundraising is a permanent exercise and, obviously, lists are not always properly culled. There is no end to the amount of political solicitation e-mails one person can receive. But it’s remarkable what qualifies someone these days to be a leader in the Democratic Party with actual fundraising appeal.

Sandra Fluke’s pitch is probably not that much different from a Republican pitch asking for a donation to the GOP. I consider EMILY’s List to be an organ of the Democratic Party.  But I can’t think of a Republican equivalent of Sandra Fluke who might be engaged in campaign solicitations. Surely the GOP solicitation would come from someone who has worked for or accomplished something on behalf of the party. Fluke’s only claim to fame was her demand that the government pay for women’s lifestyle choices. It was that demand that made her the Democratic celebrity she is. She never ran for anything and never served in government or in any position in the Democratic Party that I am aware of. So what we learned from her is that you can become a leader in the Democratic Party just by making selfish demands on taxpayers. Interesting. If readers want to send me a GOP solicitation e-mail they have received from someone they consider to be oddly undistinguished, I invite them to do so.

Now that Fluke is able to make pitches for money, I assume she is able to lead the lifestyle she finds desirable without a taxpayer handout. Frankly, my lifestyle of choice would include a lot more golf. I wish that President Obama would pay for my green fees, but, so far, that mandate has escaped the generosity of the Obama administration and even, presumably, Obamacare.