Remember where you were on this day, August 2, 2013. It will not happen again for another seventy three years.

Today’s opinion page is an amazing syzygy of alignment across the political universe. One issue is a strong and big enough bridge that it can unite the opinions of Charles Krauthammer, Eugene Robinson and Michael Gerson. That’s right, a conservative, a liberal and a moderate Republican walk into a bar and order the same thing.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s plan to shut down the government in order to defund Obamacare is doomed, say they all, and self-destructive.

It is amazing stuff. But not to worry! PostScript, seeker of controversy and hunter of arguments, knows very well that the Internet is a wide place with various people saying a lot of stuff. The comment-commentariat will make up for this bizarre opinion triangle!

But astoundingly, the agreement didn’t end there. PostScript found nary a commenter, NARY A ONE, in all three writers’ comment sections, who thought that the senator’s plan had any chance of working. This is a truly special day!

Further, most commenters agreed on another thing, too. If a shutdown is suicidal, in Krauthammer’s words, warning the shutdowners they might get hurt probably won’t scare them.

areyousaying [on Gerson]

Old neocons, Gerson and Krauthammer, calling today for reason to save what used to be my father’s GOP. Are they too late?

slatt321 [on Gerson]

There are people who genuinely believe the ACA is going to make health care significantly worse and hurt the economy. You and many readers here can disagree because it is still a prediction. But if any person, let alone elected official, believes that then they would have to act on such a view. Not doing so would be offensive.

Bobnray [on Krauthammer]

Wiser heads may prevail over the Paulists, although it often does take a very bad wake up call such as 9/11 for that to happen. It’s clear that the Boston bombing doesn’t do it. Losing again in 2014 just might.

All this agreement started making commenters feel awkward and unsure what to do next. What do we DO with ourselves if we all agree? Luckily cmsaytown [commenting on Robinson] had an answer. Change the subject!

What’s so crazy about arming everyday teachers with high powered weapons so they can take on a gunman with an assault rifle and body armor instead of passing sensible gun control?