Opponents of health care reform protest outside the Supreme Court last year. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press) A likely 2014 voter protests outside the Supreme Court. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

After the election of 2012 pundits put the GOP on rhetorical life support, projecting that Dem-aligned demographics will grow and Republican-winning demographics will shrink. But Republican strategist Ed Rogers contends in The Insiders blog that Republicans are likely to do pretty well in the elections of 2014, in Congress and governorships. It might complicate the predictions of a party’s death if it actually gains power in the short term.

Of course, predictions of elections before the primaries even happen are a prime opportunity for chest thumping. Rogers’s chest, and yours, apparently, too. PostScript sure hopes we’re all wearing protection, or we’ll get bruised.


It will be very interesting to see who the next generation of Republicans are. They don’t have a very big gene pool to gather from, though. After all, they have alienated minorities, women, LGBT community, and younger voters. I don’t really see anyone left for them to grow their party with after all of the angry old white people die off in a few years.


It’s all just a crap shoot. But Americans always get tired of the same faces and philosophies after a while and decide to “vote the bums out.” It’s a pendulum that swings to the left and right.


Being strong does not make a future. Just ask the dinosaurs.


I would suggest that a big portion of the Democrat base will have a hard time getting off the couch when Obama isn’t on the ballot. I think it really is that simple. As for Republicans, it will be the opposite. They couldn’t get excited about Romney. I suspect in 2014 there will be candidates on the ballot who they can get excited about, and take control of both chambers.


Blah blah blah. The Republicans are most likely going to take control of the Senate. Choke on it.

I_deserve_YOUR_money, however, is pretty sure the Socialists are going to win this one:

We are doomed, you know. Socialism will win out because of vote buying. You can’t beat Santa Claus.

PostScript is pretty sure not even Nate Silver has a prediction for Santa Claus running for Senate as a Socialist.

But longterm, Republicans aren’t going to win nationwide elections for a while, right? Or is there a way to counter the looming Republican winter? Navy_CTT is ahead of everyone:

I want to outlaw voting for anyone without property and who isn’t a net tax payer.

Well that rules out Santa. He’s not even a citizen, is he?