Anthony Weiner (Richard Drew/Associated Press)

In writing about Anthony Weiner and his quest to become the next mayor of New York City, I noted how New Yorkers don’t like quitters. But I also pointed out that they really don’t like folks who don’t know when to quit. And I warned that Weiner was in danger of being that guy. A Siena College Research Institute poll out today confirms that Weiner is indeed that guy.

Weiner was once giving City Council Speaker Christine Quinn a run for her money in the polls. As the above chart shows, Weiner’s rise has collapsed. Just 11 percent of all New Yorkers approve of him. His 80 percent disapproval rating statewide is the highest ever recorded by the Siena poll. Among those in the Big Apple, Weiner’s standing isn’t much better: 75 percent disapproval, 18 percent approval.

Weiner’s poll collapse isn’t at all surprising. The man who resigned his congressional seat in 2011 because of a tweeted pic of his private part (albeit clothed) to a woman not his wife was revealed last month to have sent a full-Monty shot of his business to another woman not his wife a year later. In fact, Weiner struck up a sexting relationship with Sydney Leathers a week before he and his wife were interviewed by People magazine. That Weiner’s disapproval rating isn’t higher is what’s shocking.

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