Just trying to run against the National Zoo's Mei Xiang. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post) Just trying to run against the National Zoo’s Mei Xiang. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)

Kathleen Parker comes out and admits that the recent spate of advice-for-Hillary pieces is because, in terms of interest, the Clintons are the most popular national political story there is (sexting political stories excepted). Readers responded indignantly in the comments, of which there are several times as many as on the other featured opinions today.


Sick of the media deciding who our candidates are going to be. Last time I checked, we don’t live in an emirate. Please save the coronation for Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge and the beatification for the next saint. This is only about the ninth piece of gushing PR She Who Must Not Be Named has received in the Post in the past 9 days. Honestly, I’d rather read about the possibly pregnant panda in the zoo.

To which Wyatt3 responds:

You will also find panda stories in the Post. It’s your choice as to which articles you read.

But that still counts as interest, clicks and comments! High fives. Let’s proceed with Parker’s argument that even if Clinton’s strongest claim to the presidency is her estrogen, it’s still a pretty good claim. Empowering women in general worldwide has really good results.

Djones121 says, well, it depends on the woman you empower:

Many women have held considerable power in history and they have proven just as capable of dishing out extreme violence as any man. To name a few, how about Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, and Margaret Thatcher. With American women gaining an increased role in combat in Afghanistan, it is time to put this quaint notion to rest. I don’t think Americans are going to buy the premise that women will necessarily bring peace to the planet. It is much more complicated than that.

boblesch thinks the system that matters won’t be any more female in 2016:

Your “give women equal access to power and save the world” idea makes total sense. The problem with doing it in this country is the bulk money is in the control of men and they use the money to buy elections, politicians, votes, provision in the tax code and line items in the budget.

PostScript thinks this all bodes well for Clinton, as long as she can keep the possibly pregnant panda from running and splitting the female vote. That possible pregnancy is gold.