Bo, left, and Sunny (Pete Souza/The White House) Bo, left, and Sunny model the August life in Washington. (Pete Souza/The White House)

It’s August, which, Dana Milbank explains, is the period during which the president tries not to make news. So the second-string press secretary for President Obama tried mightily to avoid giving reporters anything to report while the Obama family is on vacation. Reporters are therefore hard pressed to find anything to report, commenters are hard pressed to find things to comment upon, PostScript is hard pressed to find anything to comment upon in the comments, and woe be upon people who comment upon PostScript.

But anyway, it’s August, and everyone still in Washington — the second string, say — is hoping the time will pass with nothing actually happening. Unfortunately, people in Cairo are being very disruptive to this effort. But any action taken in response by the U.S. government would constitute news, which nobody wants. We do not wish to roll out a new product until the first string gets back.

So Obama, along with Washington, hopes to ignore the world and the very big problems on our plates until the kids have to be back at school. Which sure looks a lot like doing nothing. You might even have noticed that PostScript wrote all of this post in August, and so has spent three paragraphs making the same point. She just wants to fit in.

westernstates thinks the wait and see/August approach might actually suit the crisis in Egypt:

Practically anything the president could do or say about Egypt right now would be a big gamble. We do not know where this is going. We have little control over the outcome of these events. What concrete steps could Obama take right now to stop the violence there? Other than using US military and financial support to install a US controlled government. Does anyone think that is a good idea?

drbilllemoine says even if Obama were active, there’d be no response or frisson:

When summer recess scatters the normally do-nothing congress, especially opposition, it appears there’s a malaise, hiatus in activity. The president doesn’t put forward programs, just floats concepts as usual. There’s nobody around to react, nobody inside to press issues. The aggressive program developers are gone to Chicago and media spots so the current staff hunkers down. It’s only the foreign situations that call for immediate action and that also falls into the personnel and methods old habits.

va2009 thinks there’s not much that could get done until Congress is done with their vacations:

When’s Congress coming back to DC again? Oh yeah, September 9. When they get back, the work can start.

And cdierd1944 thinks inaction has proved pretty popular:

I just looked at the latest Gallup poll re: Obama’s approval rating. As of today it stands at 48 percent vs. 42 percent disapproval. This is the most positive it has been for a while.

Yes, his Gallup numbers are up since July! Which is, according to this graph summarizing previous years, unusual! The people demand inaction! PostScript can only comply.