PostScript truly did try to find a picture of a happier chicken, but it was too small. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post PostScript truly did try to find a picture of a happier chicken, but it was too small. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post

Just when PostScript has postscripted on the proposition that everyone in D.C. in August is hoping no news will happen until our bosses get back, something huge happens on the op-ed page of The Post in late August 2013. Something that could change everything.

Kathleen Parker takes Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to task for crafting legislation promoting national regulations for meat farms. Normally, King would be against national regulations, but he’s willing to cross the aisle into federalism as long as it keeps California from passing its own laws about chicken caging and stuff. Because California’s laws are, as these things go, pro-chicken and anti-chicken farmer.

Parker also drops that King has also spoken up in favor of dog-fighting, even in front of children.

The huge part is that everyone in the comments — both radical liberals and people who accuse everyone else of being radical liberals, both people who generally disagree with Parker because she’s an establishment RINO and people who generally disagree with Parker because she’s a conservative shill — agree with Parker. Apparently the trick of universal agreement is to present two sides of an issue and get dogfighting enthusiasts on the opposite side.

So, hey, Internet. People come here just to argue. How’s it feel to agree?


How odd to find oneself in agreement with K. Parker! Good article for a change.

Joe Painter

I am a Republican. I remember Ronald Reagan’s statement [against] attacking fellow Republicans. Here we have an exception.


KP- I’m not your biggest fan, but this column assures me that you do not have a dark, tea-stained soul.


Ms Parker, one of two things is happening here. Either you are slowly winning me over to intelligent conservative commentary, OR you are separating from Republican crazies and are moving more toward my view of government and governing. It is very confusing to me to read such a reasonable yet conservative writer.

Thank you.

Misty Cat

To begin with Steve King’s amendment is anti-Republican. First it takes power from the states and gives it to the Federal Government. Brutus would be ashamed Steve! Moreover, the healthier farm animals for slaughter are kept, the better the quality of the end product. Somebody put this idiot in a small cage and see how he likes it. Not all Republicans think like this idiot.


King gives Republicans a bad name. He rails against federal government overreach but is a champion of the feds if they would preempt state laws that aggravate his base. Hypocrisy is not a character trait of liberals solely.


To my utmost horror I have yet another Democrat House Rep. I will be glad to contact her about this issue. It will be the first time we have agreed on anything.


King may not realize it but making his party carry the animal cruelty banner could have far reaching effects in future elections. Just ask Mitt Romney who could never run away from the family tale about a dog on the roof of his car.

Truly, America, today we are one party. The Chicken Party. Rep. King gets the other party all to himself.